Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Three MCs

Folks, any one of you subscribe to SIGNews? I just received my complimentary copy of the November issue of SIGNews a few days ago. In the issue there is a full page story on deaf cartoonists who did comments on the Gallaudet protests. Tony McGregor and I are featured. There is also a brief mention of Adrean McCann, who founded

I wish Katie Prins (the author) would write a little more extensively about Ms. Adrean McCann and the cartoonists whose work were posted on her website. If it hadn't been for her and her website, I wouldn't probably have been involved in cartoon blogging. It was actually a friend who alerted me to the Gallaudet protests last May '05, so that was how I started blogging then. When Adrean set up a special Gallaudet protests section on her website, this encouraged me to blog even more. If I recall right, McGregor's cartoons appeared on her website, too. Sadly, her website is down. We should give her handwaves for starting all this thing!

Funny...we three cartoonists...McGregor, McCann and I...have Gaelic (Irish-Scottish) names, starting with Mc. Mc (same as Mac) in Gaelic means "son of." I wonder if we've got the spirit of Braveheart in us?

Little note: not only are my comic strips (DAPPY) are published in SIGNews; my articles are also published as well. For a sample of my serious writing, go to and read my article,"How Deaf People in the Middle East Are Coping." Enjoy!

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