Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lisa Lampanelli

Politicial Cartoon of the Week

Lisa Lampanelli and the Deaf

Now, who'll taste the wrath of my pen this time? :-D

One woman I picked this time is Lisa Lampanelli, a comedian who made disparaging remarks towards deaf people during a local radio interview. She made those remarks when she was informed that RIT, where she was scheduled for a March 23rd appearance, had a populace of 1,100 deaf and hard of hearing students. To see what she said of deaf people, see this link:

Also see this link,

More to come!

I'm Back!

Finally, after a 1-month hiatus, I'm finally baaack! How are y'all? Miss me, eh? :-D
Since my last update, I've been so busy working on a few projects. that I'm back in Blogger, I tried to figure how to make some changes around in my blogsite...couldn't find a way to post this image (best cartoon award) in my description box at the top. Any tip anyone out there can give me on this? It seems to me from reading this guide book I got, I'd have to switch to FTP to do this. Well, I'll take care of this later. I just wanted to give you a glimpse of what my award looks like. For now... I'll just share with you some news, comments and a new cartoon that I just did last week! :)