Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bragg on Bragg autographed DVD available at Deaf West Showcase!

 (copy of press release from DawnSignPress)
Autographed copies of Bernard Bragg’s newly released DVD Bragg on Bragg will be available from DawnSignPress at Deaf West Theatre’s debut of “Bernard Bragg: World Stage.”

Renowned actor, mime, and storyteller, Bernard Bragg, will perform a new show, about the mistakes, misadventures, and accidents that take place while performing, and how these can apply to life too!

SHOW DATES: September 23, 24, 25 @ 8pm; September 26 @ 2pm

TICKETS: $20 adult, $10 children under age 13.  Purchase at door. 
Cash only.  Email to reserve your seats.

For information about the Deaf West Fall Showcase, go to

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Baldo, Acculturation and Deafhood

(click to enlarge)

Greetings, folks! I think this comic strip above is applicable to our deaf community and the issue of deafhood. My friend Don Grushkin had posted it on his Facebook page and it has been generating a great deal of comments since yesterday. Yes, this is the same Don Grushkin that Mike McConnell dissed, mocked and misconstrued in some ways in one of his blogs.

A bit about Baldo: it was created by two Latino cartoonists, Hector D. Cantu and Carlos Castellanos, who are fellow Americans like you and me. Cantu was previously Production Director at Quick in Dallas, TX, and Managing Editor at award-winning Hispanic Business magazine in Santa Barbara, CA. He wrote articles for the Los Angeles Times Magazine and Hollywood Reporter. Castellanos, a free-lance illustrator since 1981, lives in south Florida with his wife and family. According to their website, the premise of the strip is Baldo "is a teenager who lives between the influences of his U.S. and Latin American cultures. And while the strip has a strong father figure, there is no mom."

I can relate to this comic strip in a few ways: I came from a multi-cultural background. My father, a Latino, was born in Europe to an U.S. diplomat and a Chilean socialite and daughter of a senator. My mother is a full American of Irish-English heritage. My stepfather, likewise a full American, is a third generation of Swedish and Italian immigrants. I grew up in a hearing family, being the only one who is deaf. Cantu remarks on his website,"Growing up Latino in the United States can be a great can be hard. It can be an exciting experience. It can be rewarding. It can be funny. We hope that through Baldo we can share some of the humorous part with people everywhere."

The same can be said for my experience growing up as Deaf in a multi-cultural family. It is quite very complex. I know three languages - English, ASL and Spanish. My life has been one big interesting experience for me that I hope to convey through my comic strips and art. I see myself as living in two worlds, one deaf and the other hearing. In regards to the issue brought up in this comic strip, I see myself as somewhat acculturated. I am not all "Deaf Power, ASL only, no-speak Deafhood with the capital 'D'." I can speak and lipread a little, but I prefer to sign in ASL, the language that I feel comfortable communicating in. I have deaf, hard of hearing and hearing friends that I hang out with. I am tolerant of various aspects of our Deaf Culture. I see ourselves as one big Family. Aren't we?

Folks, where do you see yourself as - acculturated or assimilated?

P.S. - I have just joined Facebook. If you'd like to visit my page and become my friend, you can click on this link here. Other news: I will be going to Las Vegas this week for DeafNation Expo, so if you're going there, see you there!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New DVD “Bragg on Bragg“ available from DawnSignPress

 (copy of press release from DawnSignPress)

Legendary Deaf performer Bernard Bragg shares a lifetime of performances, experiences, and memories in this newly released DVD, Bragg on Bragg!

With a mixture of classic-to-modern video clips and Bragg’s insightful narration, we are offered a special window into his life. This DVD is filled with rare clips, life experiences, and performances to delight those who already cherish Bragg’s work, and enlighten new generations.

The “bonus features” section contains select clips of Bernard Bragg from his interview on San Francisco TV KQED in 1959 to a “must see” clip entitled Counting Deaf People.

Bernard Bragg has amazed, delighted, and endeared himself to decades of audiences from one end of the globe to the other. Actor, mime, educator, playwright, poet, writer, and key figure in the founding of the National Theatre of the Deaf, Bernard Bragg has done it all!

Item # 9206K         Price - $29.95
DVD - 88 minutes (with English subtitles)
PLUS 29 minutes of bonus features!

Experience the amazing talents and the legacy of this multifaceted artist!

The DVD will debut at DeafNation World Expo in Las Vegas, NV (July 18-23). Stop by our booth and get your copy, or go to our website at and purchase it online.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

8 Ways to be Deaf Published!

(press release by Adrean Clark)

Dear family and friends --

I am happy to announce the publication of my first comic book, 8 Ways to be Deaf. The 52-pages full-color comic also is one of the first ebooks featuring Deaf characters. In the story, a lowly gas station attendant meets the girl of his dreams -- but she's Deaf, and he's his own worst enemy! Can Paul get past himself to win her?

A free download of 8 Ways to be Deaf is available at

Please forward this email on. I am excited about this project after months of work and hope you will all enjoy the story.
Thank you for your support!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Don't Forget Matt Hamill's Fight this Saturday!

This is a reminder to y'all that Matt "The Hammer" Hamill will be fighting Keith Jardine this Saturday, June 19 at 9pm ET/PT on on the live finale of Spike TV's The Ultimate Fighter: Team Liddell vs. Team Ortiz.  For more information on this upcoming, exciting fight, read the press release here. I have had the pleasure of meeting Matt Hamill in person at DeafNation Expo in Pomona, California last month, and boy, he was awesome! He was quite very friendly to me and he was very kind to fans and kids who mobbed him for his photo and autograph. He happens to be a friend of one of my best friends (he was a RIT graduate), so I was fortunate to be introduced to him. Let's root for him this Saturday!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DawnSignPress has very exciting news for you!

(press release by DawnSignPress -

As of July 15th, we will be releasing a new version of the teacher’s classroom materials CD to be included in every Signing Naturally Units 1-6 Teacher’s Curriculum.

This new version CD still contains all the current Signing Naturally Units 1-6 teacher’s files such as:
  •     Complete PowerPoint presentation for Units 1-6
  •     Printable file of all materials for Units 1-6, including the PowerPoint presentation
And in addition we added:
  •   a PowerPoint file that includes a complete set of answers for  the student homework from Units 1-6  
    PLUS the new CD includes the following:
  •    Scanned PDF file of the Level 1 Teacher’ s Curriculum for Units 7-12
  •    Video of the dialogues and narratives found in the Cumulative Review for Units 7-12
In essence, for teachers who purchase the new version of Signing Naturally Units 1-6 Teacher’s Curriculum we are supplying everything you need for classroom teaching.

With the release of this new CD version, DawnSignPress has decided to discontinue the original Signing Naturally Level 1 Teacher’s Curriculum, effective immediately.  The Signing Naturally Level 1 Student sets are still available for ordering.

For those teachers who already own Signing Naturally Units 1-6 Teacher’s Curriculum and want the new CD, contact our home office to purchase the CD for a minimal cost of $9.95 (including shipping).

If you have any questions regarding this information, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department – VP (866) 904-9045 or Voice (858) 625-0600.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Uncle Toms of Today

Political Cartoon of the Week
This Other Irish Deaf Cartoonist pokes fun at Mike McConnell's post "Deafhood? No Thanks."
(Click on the picture to enlarge.)

 For those of you who aren't familiar with the work by hearing cartoonist Tom Tomorrow, see his website, This Modern World.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm Just A Bill Named AB2072

Political Cartoon of the Week
New Schoolhouse Rock Song:
A Broadway Play Starring Mike McConnell and Cast


I'm just a bill
Named AB2072
People still
Argue about me all day
Yes, I'm only a bill
And I'm sitting here in the California State Senate
Well, its a long, long journey
To the hill
It's a long, long wait
While I'm sitting in committee,
But I know I'll be a law someday
At least I hope and pray that I will,
But today I am still just a bill.

I'm just a bill
People still
Argue about me all day
But when I'm a law someday
I will
Make big changes in people's lives
Such as drilling holes in babies' heads
And sending deaf children off to oral schools
Where they will learn to keep down their hands,
Not to sign,
Not to wave like those ASL fools,
But to speak and sit still
It'll be just like in the old days

I'm just a bill
Yes, I'm only a bill
Named AB 2072
Waiting for the Governor to sign
Me, just me
So I can make big changes in people's lives

You'll thank me one day
People still
Argue about me all day
But I know I'll be a law someday
It'll be back to the old days
At least I hope and pray I will,
But today I am still just a bill. 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The World's Dumbest Deafies I Know: Part 2

Ever watch that Undateable show on VH1? Doesn't every guy make a dumb mistake at least once in his life in trying to impress women? I know, I've made plenty of dumb mistakes myself, too! But this guy takes the cake. Ladies, using the ratings system that Ellen Rakieten and Anne Coyle set in their book, how would you rate this guy? (Click on the picture to enlarge.)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The World's Dumbest Deafies I Know: Part 1

I created this comic strip last year and left it laying around. I found it while rummaging through my boxes and decided to post it just now. If you have any story about any deafie you know who did a very dumb thing, you are welcome to submit it to me. Just please keep the person's name anonymous. Thank you! (Click on the picture to enlarge.)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Letter from Chris Browne

Hi fans! I thought I'd share with you this following email I received from Chris Browne, creator of Hagar the Horrible. Surprisingly, he happens to know Matt Daigle, "that deaf cartoonist." He and his wife lives in Sioux Falls. Matt, I envy you...but what the heck, I've met a lot of famous cartoonists here in California anyway! LOL
(I've already just replied by telling Chris that I know Matt from RIT.)


Hi Dan!

I love your note! I'm running out the door now but I will follow the link later and check it out.
There is a large culture of deaf people here in Sioux Falls and I intend to learn ASL in lessons or on DVD (trying to learn it from books has not worked for me.  I am wondering if you know or have met deaf cartoonist Matt Daigle?  I like his work a lot and he has a charming actress wife Kay and beautiful baby.  They lived here in Sioux Falls but I believe they moved to California as soon as I moved to town (nothing personal I hope!)

Here is my most recent email address for Matt-  he's talented and you guys might hit it off!

Very best wishes,

Chris Browne

- Show quoted text -

On May 11, 2010, at 1:54 AM, D. McClintock wrote:

Dear Mr. Browne,

I thought I'd write you a note and just say hi. I would like to
introduce my blog, I had just posted a political
cartoon on the issue of VRS (video relay service), and I had used your
character Hagar the Horrible as well as Matt Groening's character
Homer Simpson, the Dagwood character and Lucy from Peanuts in this
cartoon. In the deaf world there was a rumor swirling around about how
FCC was supposedly cutting rates and how that would cause video relay
services to go bankrupt (see So I created this
cartoon to make a joke about what would happen if VRS was to be cut
today. Hope you don't mind...I happen to love Hagar the Horrible, ever
since I was a little child. I am sure many deaf people similarly love
your comic strip, too, that your father created (God bless his soul).
Just so you know (and so your friend Hagar won't go chasing after me
with his sword!). Keep up the great work that you're doing. Thank you
and have a pleasant day,

Dan McClintock
deaf cartoonist,
member of Southern California Cartoonists Society, San Diego branch

The Great Deaf Dictator: Part 2

The Night of the Riots - La Noche de los Disturbios 
(English and Spanish subtitles - los subtítulos ingleses y españoles)


In those days in Sordia there were no captions or sign language interpreters on television.
En esos días en Sordia no había los subtítulos o los intérpretes de la lenguaje de señas en la televisión.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Thursday, May 06, 2010

AB2072 Cartoon

Political Cartoon of the Week


Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Great Deaf Dictator

A new comic strip debut
(English subtitles for the Español-impaired)



Wednesday, May 5, (censored)

LA CIUDAD DE CLERC, Sordia - Three days of coup d'etats in a series sweeped over a small country of Sordia in South America, which population is 80% hearing-impaired. When political unrest followed after the tumbling economy, riots, widespread looting, and a crime surge that sent fear and worry into the hearts of Sordian citizens, the first coup d'etat was achieved by Benito Oralini and the Oralists, who immediately instituted a fascist order. Oralini's government was quickly, however, overthrown the following next day by Fido Audio and the extreme-left Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Audist Socialist Society. Yet Audi's rule lasted only until the next sunrise, when El Sordo and the Sordian Independent Party seized control of the government. Right away upon the first day in his office, El Sordo declared emergency martial law and ordered his troops to squash the riots, arrest all the looters, and establish stability in the poverty-stricken country of 5 million people. The people of Sordia cheered and welcomed in what would eventually became the world's longest rule by El Sordo, whom they call the "Great Leader." 

Un terremoto político en Sur América

Tres días de golpes de estado en una serie barrida en un pequeño país de Sordia en Sur América, que es del 80% de la población con impedimentos auditivos. Cuando la agitación política seguida después de caer la economía, disturbios, saqueos y un aumento de la delincuencia que envió miedo y preocupación en los corazones de los ciudadanos Sordian, el primer golpe de estado fue alcanzado por Benito Oralini y  los Oralistas, quienes inmediatamente estableció un fascista solicitud. El gobierno de Oralini fue rápidamente, sin embargo, derrocado al día siguiente de Fido Audio por la extrema izquierda marxista-leninista-maoísta  la Sociedad Socialista Audista. Sin embargo, la regla de Audi sólo duró hasta el amanecer siguiente, cuando El Sordo y el Partido Independiente Sordian tomó el control del gobierno. De inmediato el primer día en su oficina, El Sordo declaró la ley marcial de emergencia y ordenó a sus tropas para aplastar los disturbios, arrestar a todos los saqueadores y la estabilidad en el país asolado por la pobreza de 5 millones de personas. El pueblo de Sordia animó y dio la bienvenida en lo que eventualmente se convirtió en la regla más largo del mundo por El Sordo, a quien llaman el "Gran Caudillo".

Hand Alphabet Charts

Kendra recently informed me today that Howard Koblenz reprinted our hand alphabet designs without our permission on his Facebook page, Hand Alphabet Charts. But rather than confronting him about it, she decided to post her comments there letting the readers know where our hand alphabet designs can be found, as well as to give credit where it is due. So I will do the same thing here: you can find my and her designs in form of rubber stamps by going to her website, Scroll down and click on Alphabets. There you'll find mine, titled cartoon fingerspelling set (3101-J). You can also find many of my other designs that I did for Kendra during the years she and I were together. I encourage you to buy many stamps from her as her business is faltering a little and she could use your support. Thank you!

We artists do not appreciate being ripped off. We would greatly appreciate being asked for our permission for using our artworks. This time, however, we are letting Howard Koblenz go with a warning: don't ever do this again - if you reprint any one of my artworks without my permission, you risk incurring my Irish-Chilean wrath! (Shaking my fist!)

Asides from this news, I would like to announce that I have agreed to do business with three companies in designing T-shirts for them. Some of the T-shirt designs may incorporate the same hand alphabet designs that I did for When the T-shirts come out, I will post a release here. Keep your eyes peeled open for coming announcements!

DawnSignPress presents A to Z: ABC Stories in ASL

This announcement that I received from DawnSignPress is not related to cartoons but is nonetheless related to arts so I decided to post their release here. DawnSignPress publishes educational books with wonderful illustrations by various deaf artists and cartoonists. You can find information on this new product by going to this link,




A Beautiful Collection of Stories

26 amazing stories told in ASL by 6 gifted performers:
•Ben Bahan

•Ben Jarashow

•Linsay Darnall, Jr.

•Stefanie Ellis-Gonzales

•CJ Jones

•Brian J. Morrison

Ben Bahan, Professor of ASL and Deaf Studies at Gallaudet University provides a detailed explanation of the basic principles for creating an ABC story. This DVD is a valuable resource for storytellers, teachers, and students.

Visit us at to see our complete line of quality products!

Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day was last Saturday, May 1. Every year on May 1 is Free Comic Book Day, which honors cartoonists and comic book artists all around the United States. You can find some of my old comic strips, which are re-printed with my permission by Adrean Clark in a pdf format and can be downloaded from her website, Funny, Adrean is the only cartoonist whom I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting in person...the other cartoonists who are featured in that booklet - Maureen Klusza, Matt Daigle, Kendra Harness - I know them well. Maureen (nicknamed Moe) and I attended the same art classes for 5 years at NTID and RIT. Matt, I know him from RIT plus we are from the same state where I was born, Massachusetts. Kendra...she was my first girlfriend whom I knew way back from MSSD. (She and I remain friends to this day.) Nevertheless, I hope to meet Adrean one day in person. Asides from this, I send my congratulations to all those featured cartoonist, Moe, Matt, Kendra and Adrean! I hope we'll see more deaf cartoonists featured on next year's Free Comic Book Day! To view more of their artworks, you are invited to visit their websites or blogs by clicking on the links that I provided in the list on the right. Cheers!

Atlas Signs - New Blog

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I have decided to separate my prose from my cartoon posts. From now on I will be posting articles, essays and commentaries in my other blog, Atlas Signs. The focus of Atlas Signs will be deaf news around the world, travel stories, philosophy, politics and more. I am going to build into more of an online deaf cartoons magazine. In the near future you'll see not only my new comic strips but interviews with other deaf cartoonists, announcements and news relating to Deaf Arts. For those of you who would like to share links to new deaf cartoon pages, you are welcome to do so here. I will be posting my new email address soon. My previous,, will be closed due to phishing attacks that stubbornly persist despite my attempts to stop them. You'll see more changes and improvements on this blog as time progresses. Thank you all for your patronage!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Two Pierced Ears: Todd Silvestri and I

A Short Memoir

Greetings, folks! I just got back from the weekend in Los Angeles, where I went to attend DeafNation Expo in Pomona. I was shocked and saddened to learn that my old friend and MSSD classmate Todd Silvestri had passed away. As I had mentioned in my comment there, he and I were on the same wrestling team way back in '78-'79. He was one of the coolest guys I knew at MSSD. If you happened to be a 90-pounds weakling wearing nerd clothes, guaranteed you'll get picked on at MSSD. MSSD in my old days wasn't for the faint-hearted...there were always arrogant alpha-male jocks you'd run into who'd take sadistic pleasures in picking on little people. Todd was indeed an alpha-male jock allright, but he was never in my memory ever arrogant or mean towards anyone. He was always polite and respectful to everyone. Of course, with his good looks he'd get many girls. He got along well with everybody and he was well liked. I had the pleasure of getting to know him when we were in algebra class (one of my worst classes with teacher Jeff Dieter...I was one of his biggest F students, believe it or not!).  

When I learned about his tragic death, I was brought back to my memory of one incident that involved he and I. It was '80 or '81 and he was sporting an earring on his left ear. We were in class one day and I noticed his earring. I asked him how he got the earring and he explained to me how he pierced it himself. Back then very few boys wore earrings. There was only one punk student at MSSD and that was one girl named Nancy. (Remember her? Her Mohawk haircut and leather outfit?) The punk fad hadn't yet caught on at MSSD, where most students wore preppie clothes. The only exception was when several football players shaved their heads and sported Mohawks to show how macho they were. (Funny, wasn't it?) I was so impressed by the gutsy thing Todd did so a few years later when I enrolled at CSUN, I pierced my own left ear. It didn't hurt much and I wore earrings often during the early '80s when I was into punk/new wave fashion. Now I don't wear an earring anymore because I kept losing them, but believe it nor not, the hole in my earlobe is still open. Nowadays you see teenagers wearing more rings and pins on their ears, noses, chins, nipples and belly buttons. Ah, as the famous folk singer Bob Dylan said, time's a-changing! I'm now in forties and I wear normal fashion like everybody else my age...but next time I put on an earring, I'll do it in honor of my old friend and classmate, Todd Silvestri. I am proud to have been on the same wrestling team with him and I am also proud as well of his great achievements and what he did for MSSD and Gallaudet. God bless him, wherever his soul is. Once dearest and deepest condolences to his younger brother Toselli and family!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

UN: "Reconstruction must be a reality for the disabled"

Sent by World Federation of the Deaf - Spanish/English translations provided below 


Dear all,

I am sending a UN press release in Spanish and English for your information (below). Please see that your efforts on tv captioning and sign language information are supported by the UN Expert Committee.

Kind regards,
Laura Pajunen
Development Officer
World Federation of the Deaf
PO Box 65, 00401
Helsinki Finland
Tel: +358 9 5803 537
Mobile: (sms/voice): +358 400 175 877
Fax: +358 9 5803

572 16th World Congress of the World Federation of the Deaf
18 - 24 July 2011
Durban, South Africa


Chile/Terremoto: “La reconstrucción debe convertirse en realidad para los discapacitados”, afirma comité de expertos de la ONU

GINEBRA (14 de abril de 2010) – El Comité de Naciones Unidas sobre los derechos de las personas con discapacidad exhortó al gobierno chileno y a la comunidad internacional a incluir en sus planes de reconstrucción, como prioridad, las necesidades de los discapacitados, incluidas la accesibilidad a espacios públicos, información, comunicaciones, transporte, productos y servicios.

“La reconstrucción en las áreas más afectadas por los devastadores terremoto y tsunami también debe convertirse en realidad para los discapacitados”, dijo el actual presidente del Comité, Ronald McCallum, destacando que “una encuesta reciente indica que aproximadamente 12,9% de la población chilena tiene discapacidad, y muchas de las personas en las áreas afectadas tienen algún tipo de discapacidad”.

En una declaración reciente*, los doce miembros del Comité de la ONU también recomendaron que las medidas de ayuda tomen en cuenta las necesidades especiales de personas con distintos tipos de discapacidad, considerando en particular los procedimientos de alerta, evacuación, información y comunicaciones.

“Se debe prestar la misma atención al lenguaje de signos y la subtitulación de videos de información pública sobre la situación de emergencia”, observó el grupo de expertos, “en conformidad con la Convención sobre los derechos de las personas con discapacidad**”.

El Comité enfatizó la necesidad urgente de enfocarse en la habilitación y rehabilitación de los discapacitados, incluida la atención post-traumática del estrés. También pidieron “apoyo especial para la reconstrucción de sus domicilios, en áreas urbanas o rurales, y de los sitios de asociaciones que reciben a las personas con discapacidad y centros que los atienden, que hayan sido destruidos o dañados”.

Al tiempo de reconocer los esfuerzos del gobierno chileno en esta situación de emergencia, el Comité hizo notar que “Chile debe tomar todas las medidas necesarias para garantizar la protección y la seguridad de las personas con discapacidad en situación de riesgo, incluidos los conflictos armados, las emergencias humanitarias y los desastres naturales”, como Estado Parte de la Convención sobre los derechos de las personas con discapacidad.

El Comité es el órgano de expertos independientes que monitorea la Convención sobre los derechos de las personas con discapacidad, que ha sido aprobada por 140 países. La Convención fue adoptada el 13 de diciembre de 2006 por la Asamblea General de Naciones Unidas y entró en vigencia el 3 de mayo de 2008.

(*) Declaración sobre Chile por el Comité de Naciones Unidas sobre los derechos de las personas con discapacidad:

(**) La Convención sobre los derechos de las personas con discapacidad:


Chile/Earthquake: “Reconstruction must also become a reality for the disabled,” says UN expert’s committee

GENEVA (14 April 2010) – The UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities called on the Chilean government and the international community to include in the reconstruction plans -as a matter of priority- the needs of persons with disabilities, including accessibility to physical space, information, communications, transportation, products and services.

“Reconstruction in the areas affected by the devastating February earthquake and tsunami must also become a reality for the disabled,” said the current Committee’s chairperson, Ronald McCallum, noting that “a recent survey shows that an estimated 12.9% of the Chilean population has disabilities, and many in the affected areas were persons with various forms of disabilities.”

In a recent statement*, the 12-member UN Committee also recommended that relief measures take into account the special needs of persons with different forms of disabilities, in particular, in warning procedures, evacuation, information and communications.

“Equal attention shall be given to sign language and video captioning of public information regarding the emergency situation,” noted the UN expert body, “in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities**”

The Committee stressed the urgent need to focus on the habilitation and rehabilitation of the disabled, including post-traumatic stress care. They also called for “special support in rebuilding their homes, whether in urban or rural areas and those sites that host associations of persons with disabilities and centers that serve them, which have been destroyed or damaged.”

While recognizing the efforts of the Chilean government in this emergency situation, the UN body noted that “Chile must take all necessary measures to ensure the protection and safety of persons with disabilities in situations of risk, including situations of armed conflict, humanitarian emergencies and the occurrence of natural disasters,” as a State Party to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The Committee is the body of independent experts monitoring the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which so far has been endorsed by 140 countries. The Convention was adopted on 13 December 2006 by the UN General Assembly, and entered into force on 3 May 2008.

(*) Statement on Chile by the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities:

(**) The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

German Deaf Comics

English translation provided by D. McClintock, editor.

Correction note: In my post "Polish Deaf Comics" I made an error of saying Luzka Szoz-Ciechaka was CODA. Let me clarify that she is deaf. My apology for a misunderstanding of Polish (how embarassing!). I have just corrected my post "Polish Deaf Comics."

Greetings, folks! I'd like to introduce two German deaf cartoonists, Paul Dinkel and Lucas Kollien. Their artworks can be found at is a popular German deaf website.

Paul Dinkel

Paul Dinkel is one of two well-known deaf German cartoonists. He was born on January 9, 1961 as the first of 3 children in Haßfurt.  His  parents, Karl and Klara, are deaf. From 1967 to 1976 he attended a school for the deaf in Wuerzburg and received a Quali-Abschluß (certificate of qualifications) there.
He trained as a toolmaker from 1976 to 1980 at a company called VDM. Later he continued his training at a vocational rehabilitation center for the hearing impaired in Nuremberg. After his associating examination he was placed at a company named Allmilmö Furniture Work as a machine worker.

His interest in art education began when he was young. He received good marks for his work and it was when he thought of becoming a painter, a restorer or the like. Because of his weak German at that time he was not able to go to the hearing part-time vocational school. He occupied himself nonetheless with studies in art. He learned how to paint oil and painted numerous pictures - mostly in colored pencils - particularly in natural landscapes and female shapes. When someone asked him in the year 1986 whether he was ready to draw the sign language textbooks by  the publisher the district federation of the Deaf Lower Franconia, he readily obliged. He illustrated 2 volumes of the books. Later he worked with other fellow draftsmen in Munich doing illustrations for the sign language textbooks.
In the meantime he developed an interest in cartooning drawing and would eagerly draw comic strips out of fun. Feeling more confident of himself, he decided to market his comic strips. Sometimes h was asked to draw "the merry pictures" for his friends or other people. In March 2001 he went to a community college in Darmstadt to study as a Diplom-Karikaturist (master caricaturist) and Comiczeichner (comic book artist) Darmstadt. After one year of studies he successfully completed his thesis with excellent marks.
In the year 2004 Paul Dinkel sold his first book, Das Buch der besten Gehörlosenwitze (the book of the best deaf jokes). He sold 500 copies.

Paul Dinkel is married to his friend Petra (since 1991) and they have a hearing son, who was born in 1993.
Among his hobbies are soccer and chess.

For inquiries or more information on the books he is selling, go to his website:

"Nooo...I certainly do not have money...he...just look...
he has C.I.!" (cochlear implant)

"We believe...their son is not mentally normal."

"It's a bummer...I have to prepare for amputation of my hands...
that's why I'm using toespells..."

And this one I like...(Pablo Picasso is one of my favorite artists, my Chilean side of my family goes all the way back to Spain, and "Picasso" happens to be my frat nickname.) - D.

"Hello, my friend, Monsieur Picasso...I have a deaf patient here
that I think would be of interest to you..."

Lucas Kollien

Another of two famous deaf cartoonists in Germany, he became an artist at age 3. He discovered his graphic talent at "the desk of his parents, where papers, ball-point pens, lead and felt-tip pens lay about everywhere." He has put out a book of cartoons with another deaf artist named Rudolph Werner. (It is not clear what title is. The editor has not yet received a response after he emailed Mr. Kollien.) 

(This is DST allright!...editor)

"Hello, I Dummy!" "...and I dummy interpreter!"

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The World of Deaf Humor

I found this webpage that I thought you'd find interesting! Samples of deaf cartoons around the world.

ASOCH Thanks Volunteers

Letter by Assocation of the Deaf of Chile (English translation provided below)

Estimados amigos y amigas

Ante la presencia de mas de 100 socios de la Asociación de Sordos de Chile, el presidente Nelson Weitzel hizo entrega en una simple y emotiva ceremonia de la “Medalla al Mérito” a los 8 integrantes de la “Caravana Solidaria Fuerza Sordos”, esta medalla, es un reconocimiento mínimo a estos jovenes que portergaron sus familias, sus estudios, sus trabajos por ir en ayuda a sus semenjantes, donde comieron mal y durmieron peor incluso fueron victimas de robo, pero el objetivo con mucho orgullo se logro, durante el evento se mostraron fotografías de las actividades realizadas de ayuda en el sur, también contaron sus experiencias y algunas muy conmovedoras, y solo por nombrar algunas les cuento:

a) Situación de sordo con discapacidad física, postrado hace diez años en cama por no tener silla de ruedas, además años atrás se cayó y se quebró la dentadura.

b) Sordo duerme en su pequeño automóvil porque maremoto se llevo su casa.

c) Señorita sorda de Dichato (único sordo de Dichato) quien sueña con ir a la educación superior pero no tiene apoyo ni orientación necesaria para postular a un proyecto que le financie interprete.

d) Se asistió también a la familia de un niño con Síndrome de Down
Todo esto y mucho más sin contar con las desgracias materiales en la que perdieron todas sus pertenencias.

Estos antecedentes fueron puesto a disposición de SENADIS para que se haga parte y de las instrucciones necesarias para asistencia y coordinación con las Municipalidades para que sus asistentes sociales y representantes del SENADIS regional se preocupen de asistir y entregar los recursos necesarios, como sillas de rueda, transporte y asistencia dental, orientación para postulación proyectos, etc. etc.

El SENADIS quien formo comité de emergencias esta muy agradecido por la información suministrada (catastro de las Personas Sordas de la Región, quienes son, donde están, que necesitan, etc.).

Estamos aun a la espera del “informe oficial y final” de esta caravana para darlo a conocer, se entregara también la información a la D.O.S. quienes están muy comprometidos y preocupados por las Personas con Discapacidad.

Por otra parte la Asociación de Sordos de Chile seguirá con su campaña de sensibilización para el logro de interpretes y subtitulados en TV. “Lengua de Señas Cuestión de Derechos”, queremos aclarar puesto que han llegado algunas cartas diciendo que hay que darle tiempo al Presidente Sebastian Piñera, primero la Asociación de Sordos de Chile es apolítica, no estamos contra los gobiernos, al contrario, los gobiernos son nuestros aliados y apoyo, segundo, el Gobierno de la Presidenta Bachelet firmo y ratifico la Convención por los Derechos Humanos de las Personas con Discapacidad y la Ley 20.422, Normas de Inclusión y Accesibilidad para las Personas con Discapacidad, ahora el Gobierno del presidente Sebastian Piñera será el encargado de hacerla cumplir, pero es responsabilidad de las Organizaciones de Discapacidad hacerse participe y decir estamos presentes, la campaña esta enfocada a la opinión publica y canales de TV, para su toma conciencia y reacción positiva.

Volviendo al tema de la “Solidaridad”, estamos a la espera que se reúnan las organizaciones que impulsaron la “Caravana Solidaria” (CAISO, UNIVERSO, CRESOR, ACHIELS y ASOCH), para determinar los pasos a seguir, en nuestra institución tenemos una sala llena de ropa y alimentos no perecibles que han llegado después de haber salido la caravana, es esta a disposición de los organizadores para hacerla llegar al sur, quienes dejaron una red y la ayuda puede ser enviada a las sedes de sordos del sur y distribuido por ellos mismos.

Un cordial saludos y muchas gracias

Gustavo Vergara

Secretario General
Asociacion de Sordos de Chile
Ayuda Solidaria Sordos del Sur
Banco Estado de Chile -
Código Swift Banco BECHCLRM (para depositos internacionales)
Código Sucursal Plaza Egaña: 345
Sucursal Banco: Irarrazabal 5544, Ñuñoa, Santiago
Numero de Cuenta: 00102385813
Beneficiario: Asociación de Sordomudos de Chile
RUT: 82.658.100-K
Dirección: Avenida José Pedro Alessandri 1251, Ñuñoa, Santiago, Chile

Dear friends,

In the presence of 100 members of the Association of the Deaf of Chile, President Nelson Weitzel delivered medals in a simple one and touching ceremony of the “Medal to the Merit” to 8 members of the “Caravana Solidaria Fuerza Sordos”. This medal is a minimum recognition of these young people who sacrificed their time with their families, their studies, their work to go to help fellow human beings, where they ate bad and  slept badly.  Even (more unfortunate off) were robbery victims. But the objective is more (restoring) pride than (seeking or gaining) profits. During the event photographies were taken of the activities of relief in the South.  Also they related (for the audience) their experiences and some (stories are) very stirring. To name a few stories:
  • a) Situation of deaf person with physical incapacity, bed-bound for ten years without access to a wheelchair, in addition years back he fell and his set of teeth became broken.
  • b) Deaf person who lives in his small car because his house was run down by a tidal wave.
  • c) Deaf young lady of Dichato (unique deaf person of Dichato) who dreams about going to an university but does not have support nor direction necessary to postulate to a project that finances interpreting.
  • d) She also assisted the family of a boy with Syndrome of Down All this and much more without counting on the material misfortunes in which they lost all properties.
These antecedents (backgrounds) were put at the disposal of SENADIS so that it is part and of the necessary instructions for attendance and coordination with the Municipalities so that their social and representing assistants of the regional SENADIS attend to their concerns and to give the necessary resources, like wheelchairs, transportations and dental care, direction for projects that are under petition, etc. etc. SENADIS, a committee of emergencies that I formed is thankful for information provided (registry of the deaf people of the region, who are, where they are, that needs, etc.).

We are hoping to present the "final official report" on behalf of this caravan. The information to the DOS that we are anxious and worried about the People with Disability would also be given .

On the other hand, the Association of the Deaf of Chile will follow through with its campaign of awareness for the benefits of interpreters and captions on TV. “Language of Signs  - Question of Rights". We want to clarify since some letters have arrived saying that there is to give time to President Sebastian Piñera (that) first, the Association of the Deaf of Chile is nonpolitical - we are not against the governments - on the contrary, the governments are our allies and support. Second, the Government of President Bachelet signed and ratified the Convention by the Human rights of the People with Disability and Law 20,422, Norms of Inclusion and Accessibility for the People with Disability. Now the Government of President Sebastian Piñera will be the one in charge to fulfill it, but it is responsibility of the Organizations of (People with) Disability to participate and to say we are present. This campaign is focused to the public opinion and TV channels, for its taking positive feedback brings awareness. Returning to the subject of “Solidarity”, we are hoping the organizations who drove the “Caravan Solidarity” (CAISO, UNIVERSE, CRESOR, ACHIELS and ASOCH) will meet to determine the steps to follow. In our institution we have a full room of clothes and nonperishable food that have arrived after the caravan left. It is at the disposal of the organizers to deliver (the relief package) to the south, who left a network and the aid can be sent to relieve the deaf people of the south and distributed among themselves.

Warm greetings and thank you very much.

Gustavo Vergara
Secretary General
Association of the Deaf of Chile
Aid Solidarity for the Deaf of the South
State Bank of Chile -
Swift Bank Code: BECHCLRM (for international deposits)
Branch Bank Code: 345
Branch Bank: Irarrazabal 5544, Ñuñoa, Santiago
Account Number: 00102385813
Beneficiary: Asociación de Sordomudos de Chile
RUT: 82.658.100-
Address: Avenida José Pedro Alessandri 1251, Ñuñoa, Santiago, Chile

Translation by D. McClintock - disclaimer: I translated this to my best of understanding of Spanish. If you see any error or correction that needs to be made, let me know. Gracias.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Polish Deaf Comics

Hola, readers! I would like to introduce Luska Gosia Szok-Ciechacka, Polish deaf cartoonist. She lives in Toruń, Brodnica, which is located in northern Poland. She describes herself as having "black hair and curls", likes to joke, dislikes designer clothes, and may not be a "famous millionaire" but certainly a "crazy artist."  "I draw comics with passion, and sometimes I paint some pictures", comments Luska in her bio. Among crazy things she does is driving up the wall on a motorcycle and screaming from the top: "O, mój Boże!" (Oh, my God!"). Some of her comic strips are based on her growing up as a deaf person. "I live in the World of Silence, speech, and the Polish sign language," explains Luska on her blog, According to data provided by the Polish Association of the Deaf  ( it is estimated there are about 100,000 hearing-impaired people in Poland and about half of them (500,000) use Polish Sign Language (PJM). Luska has kindly provided some of her best works that are translated in English for your enjoyment.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

VRS vs VRS Part II

The competition gets fiercer!