Saturday, March 20, 2010

Polish Deaf Comics

Hola, readers! I would like to introduce Luska Gosia Szok-Ciechacka, Polish deaf cartoonist. She lives in Toruń, Brodnica, which is located in northern Poland. She describes herself as having "black hair and curls", likes to joke, dislikes designer clothes, and may not be a "famous millionaire" but certainly a "crazy artist."  "I draw comics with passion, and sometimes I paint some pictures", comments Luska in her bio. Among crazy things she does is driving up the wall on a motorcycle and screaming from the top: "O, mój Boże!" (Oh, my God!"). Some of her comic strips are based on her growing up as a deaf person. "I live in the World of Silence, speech, and the Polish sign language," explains Luska on her blog, According to data provided by the Polish Association of the Deaf  ( it is estimated there are about 100,000 hearing-impaired people in Poland and about half of them (500,000) use Polish Sign Language (PJM). Luska has kindly provided some of her best works that are translated in English for your enjoyment.

If you have a comic strip or cartoon you would like to share
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RLM said...

Dan, real AWESOME for sharing the Polish fellow deaf cartoonist with all of us.

Too bad for me not understand any Polish language.

That deaf Polish cartoonist's artwork are really very impressive and well-illustrated.

I hope that her works will translate into the English language.

I could do some translation later this Sunday late evening or tmw. ;)


Luszka Gosia Szok-Ciechacka said...

Thank you for the text about me. But I'm not a CODA, I'm Deaf :)
I will try to write more comics in English and Spanish.
Yours sincerely