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Exotic Bird

Politicial Cartoon of the Week

The Los Angeles Times' Perception of the Deaf

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Dr. Davila on A Road Trip with the Deaf Smiths

Politicial Cartoon of the Week

Greetings, folks! I did this before Dr. Davila's vlog came out. First, I must say...bravo, Dr. Davila! The weekly vlog is a great idea. This, folks, is the "Communications" President (to use Reagan's words). It reminds me of FDR's "Fireside Chat" radio addresses. This is what I regard as effective communications. What a great tool vlog is for this purpose! I look forward to more of Dr. Davila's vlogs to come. I am confident this medium will help students and faculty discover answers to the pressing issues that concern Gallaudet.

And...handwaves to Mr. Zhou Fang, the designer of Team Gallaudet badge! This does help public relations a great further for the Gallaudet community. As an artist and designer myself, I think the design is clever. That was good thinking, Zhou. I you say in Chinese...xie xie ni, thank you!

Second, this cartoon is not aimed at any particular group or individual but at the moods or attitudes that formed after IKJ's op-ed came out. As I mentioned before, I think Jordan was trying to create a distraction with his op-ed. It is my opinion the Gallaudet community should move forward and seek resolutions to its issues at hand. In his vlog Dr. Davila posted an email address where you can send ideas for helping Gallaudet on its path towards reconciliation:

I'd like to make one quick comment before I move along. I didn't see Ryan Commerson's vlog when I wrote my essay for Reunify Gallaudet. Thanks to Carl's vlog, I went back and watched Ryan's vlog. "Act of violence"? I understood what the guys meant. I wish the MSA team would take into account the IKJ Administration's role in closing the university and use of bulldozers to coerce and intimidate protestors. I would see the latter as an "act of violence." But enough. On to the future. Gallaudet's reputation is at stake.

Third, I am pleased to see that Deaf Cartoon Blogs is nominated as Best Cartoon Blog. I expected to see this. But I must be honest: I am surprised to see only Maureen and I are nominated, that's all. I thought there'd be a few other cartoonists nominated? I am also surprised to see my blog nominated as Most Funny Blog. This one, I didn't expect. But thank y'all for nominating my blog for two categories! Yes, TWO, I'm truly honored! Thank you....gracias...8-D

To see the list of 2006 Blog Awards again and vote:


For the Deaf Smiths' first appearance, see

I received a few anonymous comments I couldn't post on my original blogsite (due to technical problems) so here they are. Note: any link posted by a commenter does not mean my endorsement of the business advertised at the link. Links are reviewed first prior to approval. Broken links may or may not be allowed, and links to adult websites will be immediately deleted.

12 Jan 2007, 11:08:56 AM

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19 Jan 2007, 12:49:03 PM

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

ASL Book Hour

I thought this would be a good time to do a blurb for ASL Book Hour. Once every month, in San Diego, we give readings for deaf children at Borders Bookstore in Mission Valley. ASL Book Hour is hosted by Alliance for Language and Literacy for Deaf Children, a nonprofit organization. For more information on this ongoing event, see

This Saturday, January 20, I will be giving a reading for deaf children. I am a children's book illustrator, currently working on a long-term book project, and I have given readings from time to time. If any of you living in San Diego want to take a peek at what I look like in person or meet me or get my autograph, this is your chance! :)

If you are interested in volunteering to give a reading, come to the event this Saturday and I will introduce you to the hosts.

The address for ASL Book Hour is Borders Books, 1072 Camino del Rio North, San Diego. It starts at 10am. Anyone, not only deaf families, is welcome. Bring your child. See you there!

Kudos to Ridor

Greetings, folks. Before I post my announcement, I'd like to say something. When I made a jest about Ridor "humbly putting asides" his ego, it rubbed off him the wrong way. In response he left a nasty comment, calling me "narcissistic" (which I thought was kind of ironical) and saying I did "nothing else." He found my remark as "offensive", which I though was incredulous, coming from him. Dismayed, I thought of firing back a response but decided to hold it and email him first. He responded, and we exchanged a few emails then. Turned out he was tired of being picked on, that's all. See what you can accomplish if you email first the person before you publish your comment online?

After we cleared up misunderstandings, I offered to retract my remark but he said I don't have to. So I thought I'd just give credit where it is due. I was preoccupied with work during the year when he set up the first 2005 Blog Awards. Whether you like him or not, whether you agree or disagree with whatever he says on his controversial blogsite, he certainly did set a precedent. Without him, there wouldn't be 2006 Blog Awards, now in different categories, including Cartoon Blog. He deserves recognition for what he did. He did something that no one before him ever did. So....let's give him big handwaves!

Is this better, Ricky?


Now, I'd like to take a minute to respond to Ridor's charge that I did "nothing else." I don't want this to seem like I'm defending myself, but I just want to point out that I did Gallaudet University a few favors. We all each have a part in this big drama, the Gallaudet Protests. Part of my role as cartoonist and blogger is to provide morale support.

1. Bus Incident. When I did that blog ("MSSD PR A Failure As Well", October '06) to question the statement by Ms. Elizabeth Maynerdie (in charge of Community Building at MSSD) regarding the protestors supposedly blocking the MSSD/KDES gates, the IKJ Administration's PR efforts were hurt.

2. MSSD Blog. When IKJ ordered a bulldozer to crash the MSSD gate, MSSD students were enraged. As a MSSD alumnus, I quickly stepped in and set up a MSSD blog to keep up the students' morale. Today my MSSD blog is still up and students, faculty or alumni are welcome to post announcements or comments or blogs there whenever they like. (

3. Pardon. I was probably the first blogger to propose a pardon of all Gallaudet protestors. But as Gallaudet alumnus Tina Jo Breindel suggested, amnesty seems more a viable alternative.

See how valuable an ally can be, even if he or she's not a Gallaudet alumnus? When I occassionally criticized or questioned the protestors, it was meant as constructive, to help them see their errors and improve their ways. If I oppose the Gallaudet protests completely, I'd have said nothing. Why did I care? Because Kendall Green was a home to me when I was a MSSD student, that's why. It is YOUR home, too!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Congratulations, Matt!

Other news & bits: I know you may all already know this and it may be a little belated, but nevertheless, I'd like to extend big, hearty congratulations to my old friend and RIT colleague, Matt Daigle, for winning the logo contest! Here's the link:

His work can be viewed at his homepage, Let's give him handwaves!

What else...oh yeah, a few tried to post comments on my original blogsite, Let you know I am unable to update this blogsite because the server lost my account information and I've been trying to recover it since. My apologies, but thank you nonetheless for your kind comments! You may either post your comments here or email me.'s a warning to some readers: NO JUNK ADS, PLEASE!! I will delete immediately any comment that is not related to my blogs here or deaf-related!

Nominations for 2006 Best Cartoon Blog

Allright, folks, it's time for nominations for 2006 Best Cartoon Blog! Two days left till the deadline this Friday! For more information on nominations, see Kudos to Ridor for humbly putting asides his ego and giving the Blog Awards to DeafRead!

I've looked back at the cartoons I did since May '05 and selected 5 cartoons that I thought were the best. If you don't think any of those cartoons on my list are the best, you may look through my blogsite and see what other cartoon I did that you think is best. You are welcome to post a suggestion here if you like. If you choose to nominate another deaf cartoonist for 2006 Cartoon Blog, that is fine, I'll understand and I would applaud the winner. May the best cartoon blogger win!

1. The Grinch Stole Christmas
2. JKF's Makeover (
3. Thomas & Alice Signing Unity (
4. Thomas & Alice to IKJ & JKF: Time to Go!
5. Thomas & Alice Arrested! ("Black Friday" at beginning of this blogsite)

Update: oh, I almost forgot about one Rick the Radical cartoon I did where Dr. Martin Luther King appeared and chided him for spraypainting ("Spraypainting? Hate is corrosive! Reject aggression!"). See
I didn't mean to nominate this one because it was a bit critical of extreme tactics by some protestors (for a good reason!), and I had posted a few following entries that clarified the confusion over whether the protestors actually blocked the MSSD/KDES gates or not. But to honor Dr. MLK, if you want to nominate this one, fine by me! Title for this cartoon:"Rick the Radical Gets a Visit by the Patron Saints of Protests."

The Three MCs

Folks, any one of you subscribe to SIGNews? I just received my complimentary copy of the November issue of SIGNews a few days ago. In the issue there is a full page story on deaf cartoonists who did comments on the Gallaudet protests. Tony McGregor and I are featured. There is also a brief mention of Adrean McCann, who founded

I wish Katie Prins (the author) would write a little more extensively about Ms. Adrean McCann and the cartoonists whose work were posted on her website. If it hadn't been for her and her website, I wouldn't probably have been involved in cartoon blogging. It was actually a friend who alerted me to the Gallaudet protests last May '05, so that was how I started blogging then. When Adrean set up a special Gallaudet protests section on her website, this encouraged me to blog even more. If I recall right, McGregor's cartoons appeared on her website, too. Sadly, her website is down. We should give her handwaves for starting all this thing!

Funny...we three cartoonists...McGregor, McCann and I...have Gaelic (Irish-Scottish) names, starting with Mc. Mc (same as Mac) in Gaelic means "son of." I wonder if we've got the spirit of Braveheart in us?

Little note: not only are my comic strips (DAPPY) are published in SIGNews; my articles are also published as well. For a sample of my serious writing, go to and read my article,"How Deaf People in the Middle East Are Coping." Enjoy!

American ASL Idol

Greeeetings, folks! I'm back! Did anyone of you watch "American Idol" last night? I don't know if many of you are music fans, but I am one, too, and I like to watch (but not always) musical performances. It was amusing to see those poor hearing folks trying to prove their singing skills in front of the judges (which include San Diego's beloved singer, Jewel). One of the judges (I think it was Paula or Simon) lambasted a contestant for being "tone-deaf." Hmm...which brings up this pertinent question I've already asked a few years ago: what if the judges are deaf?

So hence, folks, with pleasure I present this classic old comic strip of mine, American ASL colors! I created this original comic strip in black/white for SIGNews in '04. This is where N.Y. Elvis made his first appearance and Mr. Seeman his second appearance. (For the original Mr. Seeman comic strip, see

I'll be creating another comic strip, American ASL Idol II, so look forward to this one coming soon this month!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cartoon Bloggers and Conferences

Folks, I don't have much time to comment on conferences that I see are now mushrooming all over our country. But I would like to see a special segment at any future b/vlogging conference for cartoon bloggers to discuss about the impact that cartoon blogging has on the Gallaudet protests and the emergence of an Internet-savvy Deaf society in the 21st Century. Maybe when one is set up in the Bay Area? Maureen Klusza (who is a friend and a former RIT classmate of mine) lives in the Bay Area, and I have a sister who lives in San Francisco. I wouldn't mind taking a trip up there if I was invited. I also wouldn't mind going to the first Deaf B/Vlogging Conference at Gallaudet but February 2 (is that right?) is too close up and doesn't give me much time for preparation for a trip. The Deaf People of Colors conference in upcoming March seems interesting to me and as a Deaf artist of South American heritage, I'd love to go. I would be happy to give a presentation there if the committee is interested. I am an experienced keynote speaker and I've given presentations on deaf arts for different organizations such as Cal-Ed/IMPACT, Deaf Arts Jubilee and Minnesota Registry for Interpreters of the Deaf (MRID). For more information on my presentations, contact me. I am pleased that a few of us deaf cartoonists were mentioned in comments following the announcements of the b/vlogging conference. I'll talk more about deaf cartoon bloggers soon when I'm back. I have to get back to work soon rato, amigos y amigas!

Deafblogwood Square

Greetings, folks! Eh...what'd you expect, a boxing match between Ridor and Jamie Berke? Just kiddin'! An idea brainstormed in my mind when I followed the current controversy that was sparked by the tiff between Ridor and JB. I'd like to share this with y'all, including the other fellow blogger, and JB and R. themselves.

Fellow bloggers, hope you don't get mad at me for the way I portrayed you in this cartoon or if your faces aren't drawn perfectly. This is meant as good-natured ribbing. If you lack a sense of humor, go see Doctor Man and he'll give you a couple of humor aspirins to take in the morning. Otherwise, if you have an issue, vent here or email me privately. Just understand that when you see yourself in a DMC cartoon, this means you've made it. Consider it a compliment.

Readers, let me comment further on the cartoon. I've given the honorary spot at the top to...who else?...Elisa! I really enjoyed reading her posts ever since the Gally protests started and miss her writing already. Wonder when she'll be back?

Elizabeth, sorry if I didn't portray your face accurately...I looked for your photo but can't seem to find it...I saw it when it was put up briefly, only fleetingly. I drew you based upon an impression in my mind. If you have a photo and want me to update it, I can do it.

I chose Joey Baer to represent the deaf vloggers. I see that vlogging is very "in" today and I'd like to try it sometimes in the near future.

Re the Great Blogger War: one of the commentors Mercf (in Chris Leon's current post, "Rider Threatens To Sue") said that Ridor was something of a cartoon character. So are we, even I. This is what we've become, cartoon characters. Heh...nothing wrong. It's what makes us an interesting read, what makes DeafRead unique and fun to visit. We've become much like Hollywood Square...we're stars in our own ways. So are many of the other bloggers. I'm sorry I don't have enough space in my cartoon to draw more faces. Don't feel slighted if I didn't draw you...remember, like Hollywood Square, Deafblogwood Square has different stars every week. It's organic, ever-developing, ever-changing.

Like Carl Schroeder, I'm something of an armchair philosopher myself. Let me share some philosophical stuff with you. Remember Chris Leon's "big-headed" remark? I could again take his suggestion and turn this into a drawing of how to sign "ego." As I see it - this is just an observation - we male bloggers (Ridor, Mike McConnell, Carl Schroeder and I) are all big egos. Yes, admit it, fellas. We are egos! (chuckle) There's nothing wrong with having a healthy ego. It's what keep the fire in our bellies going. Deafread wouldn't be interesting if it wasn't for our egos.

In one of her books, The Virtue of Selfishness, Philosopher Ayn Rand made a distinction between egoist and egotist. An egoist is one who acts and pursue things in self-interest. The egoist sees others as an extension of Self and thus acts in accordance with respect and care towards others as he would to himself. The egoist does not put down others but acts as if they are his equals, and each is responsible for his own path to success or desired goal. "Man—every man—is an end in himself, not the means to the ends of others. He must exist for his own sake, neither sacrificing himself to others nor sacrificing others to himself. The pursuit of his own rational self-interest and of his own happiness is the highest moral purpose of his life.", Ayn Rand wrote.

An egotist, on the other hand, talks nothing but about himself. The key is simple...look for "t" in the word egotist, it stands for "talk, talk, talk." Ayn Rand also talked about the altruist, the opposite of the egoist. The altruist is one who whines, who lets others walk over him, who urges people to make "sacrifices" in the name of nobility, and who tries to make himself look "noble" through public shows of charity (whether genuine or contrived) towards people in need. I will explain more about Ayn Rand's ideas later.

Now, I don't mean to seem sexist, but I notice it seems that we male bloggers are like hunters: we tend to jump and pounce on a thing that comes across our way, then we hold it and expound points on this thing. Female bloggers like Jamie, Elizabeth and Elisa, on the other hand, are more organized and metilicous in how they blog news or information. Maybe it's in our brains? (heh heh) Just an observation!

I picked Steve Baier (Woparsb) because I find his posts a little amusing and enjoyable to read, even if I don't agree with him on everything. He's like an average American Joe with no intellectual pretensions, and his posts are honest, to the point. I see from reading his posts that he's independent, with opinions that are different from the protestors and the Fernandes supporters. Independent critical thinking is a quality I think we all bloggers need to possess. Finally, I got the last laugh (evil chuckle).

We all need laughter to break tension every once and then!

Jamie and Ricky, you're part of our family. You can see from Deafread that there are many people who admire you, whichever side they take. Why doncha...should I say this...kiss and make up?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Editor's Note

Just edited my New Year's Eve message a bit. I noticed the characters of the foreign languages wouldn't appear when I access on my cellphone so I added transliteration of the greeting in those foreign languages, Greek, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.
- D.

¡Bienvenidos, Dr. Davila!

New Dr. Davila cartoon

Welcome to Gallaudet University!