Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Nominations for 2006 Best Cartoon Blog

Allright, folks, it's time for nominations for 2006 Best Cartoon Blog! Two days left till the deadline this Friday! For more information on nominations, see Kudos to Ridor for humbly putting asides his ego and giving the Blog Awards to DeafRead!

I've looked back at the cartoons I did since May '05 and selected 5 cartoons that I thought were the best. If you don't think any of those cartoons on my list are the best, you may look through my blogsite and see what other cartoon I did that you think is best. You are welcome to post a suggestion here if you like. If you choose to nominate another deaf cartoonist for 2006 Cartoon Blog, that is fine, I'll understand and I would applaud the winner. May the best cartoon blogger win!

1. The Grinch Stole Christmas
2. JKF's Makeover (
3. Thomas & Alice Signing Unity (
4. Thomas & Alice to IKJ & JKF: Time to Go!
5. Thomas & Alice Arrested! ("Black Friday" at beginning of this blogsite)

Update: oh, I almost forgot about one Rick the Radical cartoon I did where Dr. Martin Luther King appeared and chided him for spraypainting ("Spraypainting? Hate is corrosive! Reject aggression!"). See
I didn't mean to nominate this one because it was a bit critical of extreme tactics by some protestors (for a good reason!), and I had posted a few following entries that clarified the confusion over whether the protestors actually blocked the MSSD/KDES gates or not. But to honor Dr. MLK, if you want to nominate this one, fine by me! Title for this cartoon:"Rick the Radical Gets a Visit by the Patron Saints of Protests."


Ricky said...

humbly putting asides his ego?

Grow a spine, Dan. I lack the ego -- you never met me in person -- how dare of you to assume that I'm egotistic?

I cannot help it if my blog's hits counted more in a day than you can do in a week -- give the recognition where it belongs. Ego or not!

As for Deaf Blog Awards, I initiated it because nobody initiated it. Where were you when it happened? You were too narcissistic, perhaps?

I was willing to set up something for the COMMUNITY whereas you did not do anything else.

When was founded, I did NOT hesitate (Ask Tayler and Jared) in turning over the Deaf Blog Awards because I know it is the RIGHT thing to do. If I had an ego, I would copyrighted the name and prevent Tayler and Jared from doing it.

So your comments regarding my ego is unwarranted and offensive, Dan McClintock.


BS Industries said...

Great toons!