Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dr. Davila on A Road Trip with the Deaf Smiths

Politicial Cartoon of the Week

Greetings, folks! I did this before Dr. Davila's vlog came out. First, I must say...bravo, Dr. Davila! The weekly vlog is a great idea. This, folks, is the "Communications" President (to use Reagan's words). It reminds me of FDR's "Fireside Chat" radio addresses. This is what I regard as effective communications. What a great tool vlog is for this purpose! I look forward to more of Dr. Davila's vlogs to come. I am confident this medium will help students and faculty discover answers to the pressing issues that concern Gallaudet.

And...handwaves to Mr. Zhou Fang, the designer of Team Gallaudet badge! This does help public relations a great further for the Gallaudet community. As an artist and designer myself, I think the design is clever. That was good thinking, Zhou. I you say in Chinese...xie xie ni, thank you!

Second, this cartoon is not aimed at any particular group or individual but at the moods or attitudes that formed after IKJ's op-ed came out. As I mentioned before, I think Jordan was trying to create a distraction with his op-ed. It is my opinion the Gallaudet community should move forward and seek resolutions to its issues at hand. In his vlog Dr. Davila posted an email address where you can send ideas for helping Gallaudet on its path towards reconciliation:

I'd like to make one quick comment before I move along. I didn't see Ryan Commerson's vlog when I wrote my essay for Reunify Gallaudet. Thanks to Carl's vlog, I went back and watched Ryan's vlog. "Act of violence"? I understood what the guys meant. I wish the MSA team would take into account the IKJ Administration's role in closing the university and use of bulldozers to coerce and intimidate protestors. I would see the latter as an "act of violence." But enough. On to the future. Gallaudet's reputation is at stake.

Third, I am pleased to see that Deaf Cartoon Blogs is nominated as Best Cartoon Blog. I expected to see this. But I must be honest: I am surprised to see only Maureen and I are nominated, that's all. I thought there'd be a few other cartoonists nominated? I am also surprised to see my blog nominated as Most Funny Blog. This one, I didn't expect. But thank y'all for nominating my blog for two categories! Yes, TWO, I'm truly honored! Thank you....gracias...8-D

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