Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Congratulations, Matt!

Other news & bits: I know you may all already know this and it may be a little belated, but nevertheless, I'd like to extend big, hearty congratulations to my old friend and RIT colleague, Matt Daigle, for winning the logo contest! Here's the link:

His work can be viewed at his homepage, Let's give him handwaves!

What else...oh yeah, a few tried to post comments on my original blogsite, Let you know I am unable to update this blogsite because the server lost my account information and I've been trying to recover it since. My apologies, but thank you nonetheless for your kind comments! You may either post your comments here or email me.'s a warning to some readers: NO JUNK ADS, PLEASE!! I will delete immediately any comment that is not related to my blogs here or deaf-related!


IamMine said...

Yeah, I could NOT believe it when I saw his picture!

I remember him from SVP 90! He hasn't changed! :)

That's pretty damn impressive for 17 years!!! Wish I could say the same for myself...meh.

I hope I didn't freak him out when I emailed him!

"Uh oh! Somebody creepy emailed me... what do I do, Kay?!!"

"Just delete it, darling. If you ever see that person again, apologize that her email might have been filtered as spam!"

"Good call, Kay! Whew, I feel better!"

Kevin said...

Although his design reminds me of March of Dimes's logo, congrats to Matt!