Wednesday, January 17, 2007

American ASL Idol

Greeeetings, folks! I'm back! Did anyone of you watch "American Idol" last night? I don't know if many of you are music fans, but I am one, too, and I like to watch (but not always) musical performances. It was amusing to see those poor hearing folks trying to prove their singing skills in front of the judges (which include San Diego's beloved singer, Jewel). One of the judges (I think it was Paula or Simon) lambasted a contestant for being "tone-deaf." Hmm...which brings up this pertinent question I've already asked a few years ago: what if the judges are deaf?

So hence, folks, with pleasure I present this classic old comic strip of mine, American ASL colors! I created this original comic strip in black/white for SIGNews in '04. This is where N.Y. Elvis made his first appearance and Mr. Seeman his second appearance. (For the original Mr. Seeman comic strip, see

I'll be creating another comic strip, American ASL Idol II, so look forward to this one coming soon this month!


RLM said...

HIlarous! Are you serious about the deaf NYC's ASLers the fastest signers or just a myth?

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Dan McClintock said...

It's a joke. But I do know of a few deaf New Yorkers who do actually sign very fast! Same as some hearing New Yorkers (especially those from Long Island) who speak very fast! (True - that's what my hearing friend who was with me in NYC heard!)


IamMine said...

That was hilarious!!

I'm a music fan, too.

...but I CANNOT stand American Idol!!!

Trash, trash, trash!!!

Whatever happened to REAL and TRUE music?!

Sigh, it's all "manufactured" today, just like pretty much everything else... the true musicians are screwed and "hidden" - sort of like the ASL culture. :(

*turns off Debbie Downer mode*

But I'll look forward to your American ASL Idol II, though! :D

Dan McClintock said...

To IamMine,

I'm not a big fan of American Idol either and I don't always watch the show, but I like to watch it sometimes just for entertainment or to get comic strip ideas.

I agree that most of "real" and "true" music that is performed has been ignored by the media. Nowadays some record companies are just interested in making bucks and playing it safe by hiring those musicians they can shape and shift according to their vision. Where's hard rock when we need it?

Even deaf musicians are ignored, too. Sigh!