Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cartoon Bloggers and Conferences

Folks, I don't have much time to comment on conferences that I see are now mushrooming all over our country. But I would like to see a special segment at any future b/vlogging conference for cartoon bloggers to discuss about the impact that cartoon blogging has on the Gallaudet protests and the emergence of an Internet-savvy Deaf society in the 21st Century. Maybe when one is set up in the Bay Area? Maureen Klusza (who is a friend and a former RIT classmate of mine) lives in the Bay Area, and I have a sister who lives in San Francisco. I wouldn't mind taking a trip up there if I was invited. I also wouldn't mind going to the first Deaf B/Vlogging Conference at Gallaudet but February 2 (is that right?) is too close up and doesn't give me much time for preparation for a trip. The Deaf People of Colors conference in upcoming March seems interesting to me and as a Deaf artist of South American heritage, I'd love to go. I would be happy to give a presentation there if the committee is interested. I am an experienced keynote speaker and I've given presentations on deaf arts for different organizations such as Cal-Ed/IMPACT, Deaf Arts Jubilee and Minnesota Registry for Interpreters of the Deaf (MRID). For more information on my presentations, contact me. I am pleased that a few of us deaf cartoonists were mentioned in comments following the announcements of the b/vlogging conference. I'll talk more about deaf cartoon bloggers soon when I'm back. I have to get back to work soon so...al rato, amigos y amigas!


Anonymous said...

The conference is Feb 3 (first Saturday of next month). For more on the conference, see http://ccigally.info/

There has also been some confusion about the purpose of the conference. Some deaf bloggers seem to think it's about deaf blogging/vlogging in general, but it's not. It's focused on how the Gallaudet community can move forward after the protests, with an emphasis on how blogging/vlogging has influenced the dialogue at and about Gallaudet. Jill Bradbury has written a clarification about it which is posted at (yes, this is a shameless plug for my blog) http://reunifygally.wordpress.com/2007/01/07/lets-cut-jill-bradbury-some-slack/

I do hope there will eventually be a more general conference on the broader, growing trend of deaf bloggers, vloggers, and yes, deaf cartoon blogs too ... what shall we call you? cloggers? :-) (c for cartoon -- hence, cartoon-loggers, shortened to cloggers!) :-)

Dan McClintock said...

Thank you for the links and for the information. Yes, I've read Ms. Bradbury's clarification about the conference. Well, I have many Gallaudet protests cartoons and two of my cartoons are related to the post-protests concerns, Changing of the Guards and Rebuilding. I would offer ideas on how the community can rebuild. I think the conference's a great idea anyway and I hope to see more of conferences like this one.
Re the name for cartoon bloggers...I think clogger seems too much like a stuck pipe. Wouldn't want to call in the plumber! Heh heh...how about this...cblogger?