Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Letter from Chris Browne

Hi fans! I thought I'd share with you this following email I received from Chris Browne, creator of Hagar the Horrible. Surprisingly, he happens to know Matt Daigle, "that deaf cartoonist." He and his wife lives in Sioux Falls. Matt, I envy you...but what the heck, I've met a lot of famous cartoonists here in California anyway! LOL
(I've already just replied by telling Chris that I know Matt from RIT.)


Hi Dan!

I love your note! I'm running out the door now but I will follow the link later and check it out.
There is a large culture of deaf people here in Sioux Falls and I intend to learn ASL in lessons or on DVD (trying to learn it from books has not worked for me.  I am wondering if you know or have met deaf cartoonist Matt Daigle?  I like his work a lot and he has a charming actress wife Kay and beautiful baby.  They lived here in Sioux Falls but I believe they moved to California as soon as I moved to town (nothing personal I hope!)

Here is my most recent email address for Matt-  he's talented and you guys might hit it off!  email@mattdaigle.com

Very best wishes,

Chris Browne

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On May 11, 2010, at 1:54 AM, D. McClintock wrote:

Dear Mr. Browne,

I thought I'd write you a note and just say hi. I would like to
introduce my blog, www.deafcartoon.com. I had just posted a political
cartoon on the issue of VRS (video relay service), and I had used your
character Hagar the Horrible as well as Matt Groening's character
Homer Simpson, the Dagwood character and Lucy from Peanuts in this
cartoon. In the deaf world there was a rumor swirling around about how
FCC was supposedly cutting rates and how that would cause video relay
services to go bankrupt (see www.deafread.com). So I created this
cartoon to make a joke about what would happen if VRS was to be cut
today. Hope you don't mind...I happen to love Hagar the Horrible, ever
since I was a little child. I am sure many deaf people similarly love
your comic strip, too, that your father created (God bless his soul).
Just so you know (and so your friend Hagar won't go chasing after me
with his sword!). Keep up the great work that you're doing. Thank you
and have a pleasant day,

Dan McClintock
deaf cartoonist,
member of Southern California Cartoonists Society, San Diego branch

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