Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Hand Alphabet Charts

Kendra recently informed me today that Howard Koblenz reprinted our hand alphabet designs without our permission on his Facebook page, Hand Alphabet Charts. But rather than confronting him about it, she decided to post her comments there letting the readers know where our hand alphabet designs can be found, as well as to give credit where it is due. So I will do the same thing here: you can find my and her designs in form of rubber stamps by going to her website, Scroll down and click on Alphabets. There you'll find mine, titled cartoon fingerspelling set (3101-J). You can also find many of my other designs that I did for Kendra during the years she and I were together. I encourage you to buy many stamps from her as her business is faltering a little and she could use your support. Thank you!

We artists do not appreciate being ripped off. We would greatly appreciate being asked for our permission for using our artworks. This time, however, we are letting Howard Koblenz go with a warning: don't ever do this again - if you reprint any one of my artworks without my permission, you risk incurring my Irish-Chilean wrath! (Shaking my fist!)

Asides from this news, I would like to announce that I have agreed to do business with three companies in designing T-shirts for them. Some of the T-shirt designs may incorporate the same hand alphabet designs that I did for When the T-shirts come out, I will post a release here. Keep your eyes peeled open for coming announcements!


Kendra said...

I would like to clarify something. Hand Alphabet Charts has not reprinted our hand alphabets per se. What has apparently happened is they have collected a vast amount of sign language and Deaf culture artwork and images from Facebook and the internet, and have published them in the photo albums in Hand Alphabet Charts' profile on Facebook. Some of them I recognize as rubber stamp designs that Dan did for, and others are either my own rubber stamp designs or designs I created for merchandise on Cafepress. In the albums on Hand Alphabet Charts, I have commented on our images that I have found to give them proper credit and also to let people know where they can purchase the designs on authorized merchandise. The rubber stamps can be found at and the full-color designs can be found at ASLstuff 4 You, on T-shirts, mugs, buttons, etc.
I would also encourage those of you who are Facebook friends of Hand Alphabet Charts to comment on any artwork you recognize in their albums so that visitors can know which artist created which image, or notify the artists themselves.

Dan said...

Thank you for your clarification, Kendra. My apology to the public for putting out this incorrect fact, I had not seen the photo albums in Hand Alphabet Charts' profile; I have not yet joined Facebook (yeah, believe it or not). I wish, though, that Hand Alphabet Charts should have credited all the artists whose works it published into the photo albums. Thanks again for pointing this out and for crediting our works.