Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day was last Saturday, May 1. Every year on May 1 is Free Comic Book Day, which honors cartoonists and comic book artists all around the United States. You can find some of my old comic strips, which are re-printed with my permission by Adrean Clark in a pdf format and can be downloaded from her website, Funny, Adrean is the only cartoonist whom I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting in person...the other cartoonists who are featured in that booklet - Maureen Klusza, Matt Daigle, Kendra Harness - I know them well. Maureen (nicknamed Moe) and I attended the same art classes for 5 years at NTID and RIT. Matt, I know him from RIT plus we are from the same state where I was born, Massachusetts. Kendra...she was my first girlfriend whom I knew way back from MSSD. (She and I remain friends to this day.) Nevertheless, I hope to meet Adrean one day in person. Asides from this, I send my congratulations to all those featured cartoonist, Moe, Matt, Kendra and Adrean! I hope we'll see more deaf cartoonists featured on next year's Free Comic Book Day! To view more of their artworks, you are invited to visit their websites or blogs by clicking on the links that I provided in the list on the right. Cheers!

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