Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lisa Lampanelli

Politicial Cartoon of the Week

Lisa Lampanelli and the Deaf

Now, who'll taste the wrath of my pen this time? :-D

One woman I picked this time is Lisa Lampanelli, a comedian who made disparaging remarks towards deaf people during a local radio interview. She made those remarks when she was informed that RIT, where she was scheduled for a March 23rd appearance, had a populace of 1,100 deaf and hard of hearing students. To see what she said of deaf people, see this link:

Also see this link,

More to come!


mishkazena said...

LOL! A good one! :)

Michele said...

Can you send this comic drawing to Lisa? She deserves to see this!


Anonymous said...

i have no idea how i ended up on this page, but lisa lampanelli is hilarious. you all should just let it go, it's friendly humor. she is very nice in real life. if you can't accept that this is her job, then you should just stop. who else gets paid massive amounts of doe to say cunt in front of an audience? she even made it abundantly clear at the RIT show that it was strictly humor. i love LL!

IamMine said...

:D Great comic!

Let it go, anonymous?

If she can't let it go, then why should we? :D

Freedom of speech is what Deaf Cartoon Blog is also doing.

She just crossed the line because the deaf people are in double minority and are not fully understood by hearing people.

That was really awful of her to say that because our mentality is often questioned due to our deafness. Oh please.

She fed off of that and that was just wrong.

I’m sure she’d be laughing along with this comic, aye?

Anonymous said...

No, really.
Just get over it.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Lampanelli is an insult comic. She considers herself an "Equal Opportunity Offender" which means that she tries to make fun of EVERYBODY. She even said herself that she makes ridiculous comments about stereotypes in her stand up, not to reflect her actual views, but to make fun of people who actually think that way. Like she says all of the time, Lisa love everybody. People who are protesting are just too ignorant to realize it. I don't have the link, but there are two videos on Lisa Lampanellis myspace page about all of this. It even includes a scene wear a deaf man was protesting with a small group of people..and in the next video you see him at her show and he even decided to stay after to meet Lisa. His mind was completely changed because he realized that Lisa is really a great person. He was just too ignorant to realize it earlier, like a lot of you guys. There was even footage of deaf people staying after to get Lisa's autograph and take pictures with her. I strongly suggest finding those videos. If there were more people like Lisa, and more people who got the chance, like i did, to understand her and learn to get over the stupid uneducated thoughts about her, the world would be a better place.

Anonymous said...

FUCK YOU BITCHES. Get a sense of humour!

Anonymous said...

It's called freedom of speech you idiot--She pokes fun at everyone including herself. It's people like you without a sense of humor that can't even laugh at yourselves that are the issue.

Dan McClintock said...

To Anonymous #3,

No profanities, please. Respect other commentors.

To the ladies, I apologize for Anon #3's rude remark. Please disregard #3's remark.

To Anonymous #4, I understand that LL thinks it's humor. But well...I think there's a fine line over what is funny and what isn't funny, and what she said about God hating the deaf didn't strike me as quite funny. Since she brought up God in her comedic routine, let's get into theology for a moment. Moses, in my opinion probably one of the greatest Jewish statesmen that ever lived, instituted for his people what I regard as the earliest form of the A.D.A. - a biblical disability law, if you will. Know what he told the Hebrews?

"You shall not curse the deaf." (Leviticus 19:14)

Why do you suppose he set that law? I find it interesting that the deaf were the FIRST disability group, before the blind, that he singled out for this particular commandment. Bottom line? It's about respect.

To Mishka, Michele and IamMine, thank you for your kind comments! :)

kelly said...


Lisa explains everything in the video.

Anonymous said...

well, it's good to know that even deaf people can be whiny jerk offs with no sense of humor about themselves.

you really are just like everyone else!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE Lisa. i saw her live and she called me a dirty cunt, and i laughed my ass off. everyone needs to take a freakin joke. she's amazing and i will continue to see her live :-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

new digg video

Anonymous said...

just for the record, you should have bolded the word YOU, not HATES...

also, grow a sense of humor and get off your soapbox.