Tuesday, April 17, 2007

In Memory

Hello, folks, everybody....I'm taking a pause from my work to write a few thoughts on this tragedy of the shooting at VA Tech. I am shocked and saddened by the carnage that went on there. The connections I have to Virginia are these times when I lived in the Metro area as a child, as a MSSD student and as an . The first time in my childhood, I attended a school in VA for a very brief time before my family and I moved to New England. Thus I feel very sorry for the families of the victims of the shooting in VA and offer my condolences to them.
When this carnage occured, I checked Deafread to see if there were any reaction from bloggers to such a senseless incident. There were none yesterday as I recalled. But just today I rechecked Deafread and came across this blog:
I was wondering myself, too, Erin. That's why I decided to come forth and offer my comments. I think there are deaf students at VA Tech, aren't there? It appears that yes, there are but how many, I don't know. My Google search pulled up a link to the interpreting services at VA Tech: http://www.ssd.vt.edu/islshome.htm
There is no comment on the SSD home on the tragedy. I wonder if any of the 33 students who were killed was deaf or hard of hearing. Do you know of any deaf student at VA Tech? Let us know. Let's give them and the families of the victims our support!
Asides from this, I have some new artwork that I will post in due time when I am free from my commitment and work. I'll also respond to comments that posters left on my last post. Be back to you later, folks...


Teri said...


FYI . . .

I posted a short video clip this afternoon (2:30 PM my time --PST). I took a moment of silence for those young students who lost their live abruptly.

Guess what! Deafread human editors decided not to post mine, yet they posted Ridor's post on VA Tech tradegy -- somewhat offensive and tasteless. I can't fathom their system -- why they chose to post his, not mine.

In fact, I thought of that unfortunate event all day and night yesterday and today. I could not post any new ones until I expressed my feeling about it.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Teri, we need to put everything aside whether not it's by rules or not.. We need to have compassion to mourn the victims and their families/friends in this trying time. What if it was one of your relatives or friends being killed or knew someone.. WHERE"s the Compassion??? I guess that's what's happening today... people are taking it for granted. (sorry for rambling on)

S. (Ontario,Canada)