Monday, June 25, 2007

Response to Ward Nyholm's Vlog

Hey, folks!
Ward Nyholm developed an interesting vlog about rare, ASL comics that you should view.
Ward, thank you for blurbing my comic book PAH-CHAMP! and other gentlemen's comic books. You asked for feedback on why there weren't any subsequent issues. Here is my response: my first issue sold well at first but didn't generate enough revenue to my expectations for next print. For this, I apologize to my fans, readers and other artists. It was a venture that didn't fly high far off the ground. Plus there were things I realized I should have done to make it better in order to market it successfully. Selling comic books is a very tough business. In addition, I've been wrapped up in free-lance work, project after project, since 2002. Now I am very near to completion of a book project, a classical children's book that you folks will be sure to love. (The illustrations I did in there are very different from the kind of cartoons I normally do, however.) And I have three book projects ahead of me already!
I still intend to do another comic book soon in the future someday. I don't know if I will continue PAH-CHAMP! or not. Maybe I will, if other cartoonists/artists are interested in participating in this venture and if any publisher will pick this up. I am thinking of reprinting the first issue with a better glossy color cover. Another idea I have is a comic book anthology, which I already discussed with fellow deaf cartoonists Andrea McCann and Matt Daigle. But each one of us has commitments to attend to, and there seemed to be no time for this project. Yet...I think I will pursue this idea again soon this summer. Talk with other artists and see what can be done. It'd be great to have an anthology magazine or book out by next year, before next summer '08 when Comic Con takes place and I plan to get a booth. Maybe we could set up a special deaf artists' exhibit at Comic Con, with a tribute to Robert Johnson (who was tragically killed in an accident several years ago - which year I can't immediately recall). many ideas brewing in my head....well, thank you for bringing this up, Ward!
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Susan said...

hi Dan,

please let us know when your classic children book is completed, I'd love to see it! :)


Anonymous said...

Why not put Pah-Champ on the web? That way you are not tied to a publication schedule..and when you have enough strips, re-print it as a comic book. That cuts your costs. Some comics have been successful as web-only comics that then got re-printed as book collections. Example: Kevin and Kell.

Dan McClintock said...

To Susan,

Sure! I will post a press release on the publisher's behalf when the book is ready to be released. Thank you for your interest. :)

To Anonymous,

Thank you for your suggestion. I already have a plan to develop in the near future a book collection of all comic strips that I posted on my blogsite, including some I did in the past that were never published and some new ones that I may do. Yes, I noticed this new trend in the web comic business.