Friday, September 14, 2007

On the Night of the Hamill/Bisping Fight

Cartoon of the week

Hey, folks...I'm back! I was there, saw the fight with a group of my friends like the rest of you deafies. I meant to blog on this after the fight, but I got sick with a cold. Now that I'm back healthy, here it is. The characters and the place are different, but this cartoon captures the mood of what happened that night I watched the fight. My friends, of course, dress very differently (we're all in shorts here in San Diego and this is normally a very mellow town) and drink (but not that heavily as in this cartoon!). It is not meant as an endorsement of drinking, mind you (It's now almost 1 year since I QUIT drinking due to a health condition! More on that later...); this is just a joke. But you understand how we all felt when we watched the fight. I'm really looking forward to the rematch. One of my friends I saw the fight with happens to know Matt Hammill personally. Hey the Hammer....thank you, you've made us proud Americans! We all support you 100%!

DEAFestival 2007 Van Nuys, California
I was invited by GLAD to give an art workshop at DEAFestival 2007, which will take place at Woodley Park in Van Nuys, California. For more information, go to DEAFestival's website or GLAD's website If you'd like to participate in my workshop, you are welcome to do so! I will be teaching cartooning skills as well as doing caricatures of people there. Hope to see you there!
The book project I had been working on for a long time is now finally done! More details will be forthcoming later. I don't know yet when the book will be released, but I'll be sure to let you all know.
Did you see the news today? Can you believe that? I used to be an OJ Simpson fan. What a disappointing debacle....


Paotie said...

It's Bisping, not Bispeng, good sir.

Great drawings, though.



Barb DiGi said...

Your cartoon has reflected how many people felt but not necessarily about the drinking part haha..we just simply felt cheated. I found a petition that we can sign our names to give a message to Dana White, the president of UFC, so that is one of the actions we can take. You would probably think it is a waste of time but it is better to show overwhelming support for Matt where the president can see. Will the game ever be overturned? I think not but I hope there will be a rematch!

Petition for Matt Hamill

Keep up with your creativity work!

Dan McClintock said...


Hm? Oh, typo in the heading...thanks for pointing it out. Gonna fix it now.


Thank, Barb D! Good to hear from you! :)

Anonymous said...

Is that Mike McConnell with confederate cap on?

Looks hilarious! :)

Anonymous said...

Regarding to comments stated as above so here it is...

Click here to sign Official Petition: Matt Hamill's decision

Small portion of the deaf community?

Wait and see…