Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Offer

Idea for Middle & High Schools and Colleges

A few have come up to me and told me how they enjoyed reading my blogs, particularly one on my health and liver awareness. One asked me how I was doing. I've been meaning to tell you this, but I wanted to wait a little longer for more conclusive news from my doctor. I saw him two weeks ago and he reported to me that my liver panel tests came back as normal. This does NOT, however, indicate whether my cirrhosis has healed. Some patients with cirrhosis can even have normal liver panels and not feel whether their livers are improving or not. My doctor told me more tests are needed to determine the condition of my liver - X-ray and ultrasound. So I was rescheduled for an appointment in December. Ugh... more waiting and waiting! But at least this is part GOOD news, that my liver's functioning normally. What a relief! My fingers are still crossed that cirrhosis will eventually disappear from my liver!

I have been thinking since my last appointment with my doctor. I would like to make an offer to middle and high schools and colleges with programs for deaf and hard of hearing students. I have an idea that these institutions may be interested in, that could help youth get off alcohol and . I would suggest Liver Awareness Week be created and tied to the school's alcohol and awareness program. I would be happy to travel and give a "shock and awe" presentation that would be sure to make your students think twice about taking or drinking alcohol in the future. I could also tie my presentation to my art workshops. I have worked with students of various ages and grades and I have given presentations and workshops on many occassions for different schools around the nation. If your school is interested, contact me at and I will give you more information such as my fee and course content.

I realized last night that some deaf readers might not be able to understand my English, so I am considering doing a vlog to repeat my message in ASL for the deaf community's benefit. Look forward to my...ahem...FIRST vlog coming soon in due time!


Jean Boutcher said...

Dear Dan,

I am happy to hear about your latest tests and hope that your
liver will steadily improve.

I think that it is wonderful for you to give a talk to people at high schools and Gallaudet University about drinking and the liver. They would be grateful for your educational talks.

Keep smiling and thinking positive.


Dan McClintock said...


Actually, I haven't received a response from any school or university yet. But if Gallaudet or RIT is interested, sure, I would be willing to do it.


Carl Schroeder said...

Thank you for updating us. You shall never perish from our heart!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan
Sorry to interupt but I need you to contact me at immediately.

bathmate said...

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I love it !
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