Thursday, May 10, 2007

Deaf C-Blogs Links

After browsing through the roll of blogs in DeafRead, I see that a number of deaf c-blogs (short for cartoon blogs) is growing. For those of you folks who are interested in deaf-related cartoon artwork, I would like to introduce you to those links: - posts cartoons by various deaf and non-deaf artists on a regular basis - although I haven't contacted the bloggers themselves (Ward Nyholm and Ginny Paja-Nyholm) yet, it seems to me that their cartoons were created using the software, Comic Life Deluxe. (see ) I don't know if they can be appropriately considered as professional cartoonists (those that do artwork by hand and who make a living by selling cartoons or comic strips), but the creativity and humor used in their work would make them digital cartoonists. - My old RIT colleague and friend, Maureen Kluska's website. Hey, Moe, come back, will you? We miss your cutesy cartoons! - also my old RIT colleague and friend! Matt Daigle's website. He's the fella who created DeafRead's logo.

If you see a link to a deaf c-blog you'd like me to post, let me know!


Anonymous said...

Pah! Long time no hear or see, Dan! Under PANY Lighthouse, we enjoy making digital comics as a hobby and an entertaining component for the DeafRead readers. Yes, we use Comic Life Deluxe under our new IMac. Thank you for putting up the link on our digital comics and for the compliments!

-Ward & Ginny Nyholm

Dan McClintock said...

Ward and Ginny,

You're welcome. Come to Comic-Con, if you can, this summer! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I came across a book, "How to live well without owning a car", which had some cartoons by a deaf RIT graduate (I forgot her name) at my library. The back or inside had her biography that's how I found out. The publisher

Dan McClintock said...

Really? What's the artist's name?



Anonymous said...

I saw the book again at the library. It is Sue Clancy.

I looked in SignNews and yes she does have her cartoons published there!