Wednesday, October 24, 2007

DCS Estimate: 1,000 Deaf/HOH Evacuees

I just visited Deaf Community Services' office, which is open today. After vp'ing my friend, I saw the chairperson of DCS as she walked into the lobby and I greeted her. I asked her a few quick questions about the situation with deaf evacuees. She said that DCS is doing well in its job of providing interpreter services at Qualcomm Stadium and other evacuation areas and that 4 or 5 interpreters were present at the stadium. She estimated that there are about 1,000 deaf and hard of hearing evacuees, some of who are at the stadium and some others who are at other areas. She added that DCS may possibly open a relief fund for those deaf evacuees and will post an announcement soon in due time. When I receive a press release from them, I will post a copy of it here.

Stay tuned for incoming news or announcements.


Lantana said...

How perfectly wonderful that we have this service now. I am looking forward to what comes next. 'Pray that people are safe.


Anonymous said...

I am from SD myself... about 1,000 deaf/hoh evacuees??? I find it hard to believe.

Dan McClintock said...


I know it may seem hard to believe...I live in SD too and I thought the number might be lower but that's what the chair of DCS told me...I asked her twice and she confirmed it. Remember it's just an ESTIMATE. The figure may be actually higher or lower. It's not known how many deaf evacuees were at the stadium or at other evacuation centers. San Diego County is a big county and there are really many deaf people living outside San Diego in the eastern and northern parts of the county. As soon as the ashes settle we'll know more exact and accurate information.