Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Firestorm 2007

Where I live, the air outside is now a little misty and smells slightly of smoke. Fortunately my home is in an area far away from the wildfires in the eastern parts of San Diego County. However, there is a small fire raging in Tierrasanta, 10 miles north of my home. My roommate, who is hearing, told me the mayor urged on radio for everyone to stay indoors and be prepared for evacuations. Deaf Community Services, which office is not far from my home, is providing interpreters for deaf evacuees in need of help.


For a more detailed report on the wildfires from the perspective of a longtime San Diego resident, go to this link:


Hope all the folks are allright! I will keep you updated.

UPDATE 10/24/07: My area was not affected at all by the fires. I walked outside and saw people were doing their normal businesses. Only one or two I saw wore masks. The air quality is improving, less hazy than yesterday. All schools will remain closed this week, however. A friend of mine informed me that she was told by her company to go to work on Monday. Then the order was reversed and she and her co-employees were sent home in the afternoon. She worked from home during the day yesterday.

I saw reports on TV that about 500,000 lives were affected by the wildfires, especially most of those living in the northern and eastern parts of San Diego County.


gnarlydorkette said...

FYI, there was no fire in Tierrasanta. It was a bad rumor flying around. I am from there and I confirmed with my family who still lives there and they said that there is no fire in Tierrasanta.
The fire is still eastbound from Santee-- still too close, but NOT in tierrasanta.
I don't understand why people are making up stuff about fires! It seems the news are feeding the panic...

Dan McClintock said...


Really? Rumor? As a matter of fact, there WAS a small brush fire on the hill near Fwys 15 and 52...not literally in Tierrasanta but near it...I saw the news with my own eyes. Plus my roommate told me she heard of it on the news. It seems by now that the fire died out.

Sometimes newspeople can make mistakes or confuse facts.