Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Attention, All Deaf Cartoonists!

Quick announcement here:

San Diego Comic Con International will be held on July 26-29, 2007. For full information, go to

We need to get a booth here at this huge event! I will tell you more later about what happens every year at Comic Con. For those of you who haven't been there before, you'll DEFINITELY love it! I guarantee it! Movie stars and celebrities come to this event every year to plug their movies! Many people attend this event wearing wacky clothes, especially those Trekkies or fans of Star Wars!

Any of you deaf cartoonists interested in coming to San Diego next year?? If so, contact me ASAP to get on my list! I'll do whatever I can to make you feel welcome in my home city! We deaf cartoonists need to get exposure and this is one of the BEST places! I'm telling ya, it's a very, very huge annual event...thousands of people for 1 entire week! Last year and two years ago Comic Con filled the entire convention center from top to bottom!

Any one of you good at writing sponsorship letters? If you want to see a deaf cartoonists booth at Comic Con next year, we need to get sponsors very soon! The deadline for booth application is January 5, 2007. To those interested, please write me at my email address,

Any other idea or suggestion from you towards helping to set up this special deaf cartoonists booth would be welcome! Let's make waves in '07!

Thank you!


Jamie said...

I've always wanted to go to that comic con as a buyer of comics - I am not a cartoonist! I hope you are successful in getting a deaf cartoonists booth.

Dan McClintock said...

Jamies, thanks. If it'll be your first time, I'd advise you to work up your forearms with dumbbells first for a few months. Why? There'll be so many products and freebies you may want to buy or take to carry in bags! Not just stuff from our deaf cartoonists booth (if we get one). Other stuff from many, many booths. It's an universe out there! :)