Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Changing of the Guards

I know I said I thought I was gonna back out of Gallaudet politics for a little while. Actually I was just taking a breather. Now, I'm back with a couple of more new cartoons on Gallaudet politics this time. I'm not backing down from expressing my opinions or whatever. You wanted to see more "political" cartoons, so you got it.

This cartoon was suggested to me by a reader. I've modified it a little on my own. The group on the left represents the Old Guard, that wanted to continue on carrying out the vision of the IKJ Administration, so called "The New Deaf Order." The group on the right represents the New Guard, a coalition of people of diverse backgrounds, age, and hearing degrees (whether deaf, hard of hearing or hearing), with a vision for the "New Deaf Way." Notice one man in the left picture carries a ruler and the woman at the end of the desk carries a stamp. In the other picture one man carries a cellphone and a student at the end of the desk carries a gavel. According to the reader, this is the future that Gallaudet must be prepared for.


Juan A. Vietorisz said...

That's what I call--to quote you--a "nice, cutesy, Disneyque cartoon," but I love it! I also liked your previous cartoon, which some easily insulted people didn't think it was funny.

FYI, Gary Larson wrote in his memoir that, despite his fame, he had been receiving so many angry letters from people who found many of his cartoons downright offensive. One such example was a cartoon illustrating alligators involved in a Halloween game, bobbing for poodles instead of apples. Another example was a cartoon depicting a dog's wet dream of howling on the top of an upside down car. Some people misinterpreted it as the dog humping the car.

Anonymous said...

Keep up improving with your cartoons, Dan. Even few of yours I founded to be unfunny or objectionable, yours is still a work in progress. Most cartoonists started out that way in the very beginning, then over the years they keep refining and improving their cartoonist styles and humor but still received constructive or negative criticism.

Don't let others keep you down. Being a cartoonist is all about having courage to express your views through daily cartoon or editorial strips and let people interpret, enjoy or suffer them as it is.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Let's see if the new deaf way can stay afloat.

Dianrez said...

It has been said by a certain blogger that your last cartoon was "divisive"; but he forgot that what he has blogged was *horribly* divisive. Your cartoons are gently humorous and you should keep spotlighting the issues that we Deaf all have to deal with. Keep it up!

Dan McClintock said...

1. Juan, thank you. Yeah...many famous cartoonists I read about went through such similiar experiences. Even Charles Schulz, the Peanuts creator, too, received angry letters about a few cartoons he did through his career.

This is not the first time I've gotten such flak from some people. Back in '95, when my cartoon on Oralism was published in SILENT NEWS, it received a full page of letters, some of them very angry! I'll never forget that one. Anyone remember this?

2. Anonymous, yes, this is indeed work in progress. Although I've done political cartoons and gotten published for a long time, cartoon blogging is a new form of art. I think I'm probably the first artist on the Internet to coin the term "cartoon blog" (I started last May '06 in my original blog, dmcclintock.blogspot.com). Now I see there are many other artists doing cartoon blogs, too.

3. DPG, yep...let that blogger say whatever he or she wants to say. It's America! ;)