Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Note to My Critics

Gee whiz! I didn't realize how upset my recent cartoons made some of you people. What are you griping about? The protests are over. The students got what they wanted. The problem's been solved. Harmony's been restored to the campus. What are you fussing about? Don't you see this is all just a parody?

My critics seem to be confused about my position on JKF and the Gallaudet protests. I would refer them to look at my "JKF's Makeover" in my original blog, OOOOF COURSE, I know what it was was about the leadership issue, not the "not deaf enough" card!! D-uh!, I didn't do this to feel "superior." Have you watched late tv shows lately? Jay Leno, David Letterman and other comedians mocked presidents, politicians, world leaders and other famous people EVERY NIGHT! Do they do it to feel superior themselves? They do it for a living! Look, this is a cartoon blog page. Most of the cartoons I blog here are satire. What did you expect - nice, cutesy, Disneyque cartoons?

I think I'll back out of Gallaudet politics for a while, seeing there are still some frayed nerves out there. To those who liked my cartoons and wrote positive comments, thank you for your support!

Peace out,


Cy said...

Yeah, you have to expect overly sensitive people and those who misinterpret or misunderstand your intended messages and/or putting them out of context.

Some people are just too obssessed with the magnitude of the "not deaf enough" card inflicted upon the media.

This will be forgotten soon enough. Gallaudet protest of last month will soon be shoved into archives and forgotten as it once had with the 1988 protest. Only if people stop obsessing upon it.....

Like you said, the protest is over and done with. Move on. There is no need to walk on eggs. JKF is gone (if she doesn't return to teach, though).

Lastly, we have to the right to SPEAK! You have the right to disagree. Dan had the right to speak and to speak and poke fun at JKF if he so desires.

Renaissance Man said...

Don't quit your dayjob dan you are no comedian, honestly.
Oh and the cat was out of the bag the first day they announced JKF as president. The "Not Deaf Enugh" issue was created by the protesters who have now realized they have bashed the majority and are now trying to save face.
Again don't quit your day job Dan. If it had any humor value to it I would be the first one to give you props. this one was weak.

dianrez said...

Honestly, I enjoyed that cartoon, especially since it portrayed JKF as trying her best and the Deafie being judgmental. I hope you continue to publish "political" cartoons that puts everybody in their place and pokes fun besides. Please put it back up and don't listen to those who eat crab for Thanksgiving.

Modern Man said...

Dan, that's what they wanted. People like Renaissance Man hates Freedom of speech. They would hate freethinkers so much that they'd sided with communists fighting against America. Put the cartoon back up and tell people like Renaissance Man to shove it and STFU.

You did great job with the cartoons. Don't stop.

Renaissance Man, majority? Bwahaha. I had asked pro-JKF in the past to deliver the hard evidences or datas that so-called majority is sided with pro-JKF and none of them could. Stop bullshitting and take my previous tip: go buy a sense of humor, you whining baby.

gnarlydorkette said...

I am for Unity-for-Gallaudet, but I think we gotta quit bashing Jane. She is terminated and she has lost everything included her dignity and respect in the Deaf community.
Enough. Why would you keep on beating a dead horse?
That is just my opinion, although. You can keep on making your "political cartoons" as long it is something tasteful. Don't dwell on something like Jane because it has been done. Fin-o.

Ridor said...


You removed the criticisms about your arts. Goes on to say how much you lack the respect for people's opinions.

If you want people to respect yours, do the same.

The reason why I thought your artwork was not funny is because the situation at Gallaudet is very volatile, it is important to rebuild the unity for all.

Your artwork was offensive and detrimental to the efforts that the groups has worked hard to build -- simply put.


Dan McClintock said...

1. Cy, yeah, I can see that there are some overly sensitive people out there. Touche'! Yes, you and other people have the right to speak. That's what blogs are for.

2.Renaissance Man, I disagree. It seems more likely that in the beginning the "Not Deaf Enough" card was actually introduced by JKF and the IKJ Administration in response to criticism by the protestors. I just played off the media perceptions of the issue.

3. Dianrez and Modern Man, thank you for your observations and for your encouragement. I will continue publishing "political cartoons." I have saved my previous cartoons for future archives in a new website I am planning to set up. In the meantime, I am moving on to other issues.

4. Gnarlydorkette, thank you for your suggestion. Duly noted.

5. R, my intent was to remove the material in question, not the comments or the criticism. Unfortunately, this blogger website does not allow you to delete part of a page and leave the comments intact nor does it allow flexiblity in moderating the comments.

I have left your criticism of my first cartoon on the presidential search for about a week before I posted a second cartoon on JKF and the student. I should point out here that my policy is I reserve a right to change or shape my blogsite in any way I see fit - without advance notice - and deleting any blog of mine with comments that go along with it has nothing to do with my respect or non-respect for anyone's opinions.
It will be a little different with the new website that I am building.

What I do not allow here is obscenity or profane language, as well comments that may be deemed as hateful or spiteful (as in instance of Steve J. Kittell's ad nauseaum reptitions). I respect criticism of my arts, provided it is well-reasoned or well-argued.

R, when you said my artwork was offensive and detrimental to the efforts by the groups, with due respect, I think you are blowing this out of proportion a bit. Is this your opinion only, or do you think you speak for all? From my readers what I see here are mixed opinions. Between studying for exams and making travel plans for the holidays, how many students and faculty do you think actually read my blogs and are seriously affected by it? You may be reading into people emotions or connections that may not be there. Media perceptions should not be confused with reality.

Folks, I would not do anything to disrupt the rebuilding efforts that are ongoing on GU campus. Like Gnarlydorkette, I am for Unity for Gallaudet and my intentions are well meant. Thank you all for speaking up your minds; this has helped me to learn more. Keep on reading! I'll have more artwork coming up, possibly next week. Take care, y'all!


Dan McClintock said...

One more thing: I find it interesting that Ridor called my artwork "offensive." I've seen plenty during the protests that can be considered offensive, whether on the Administration's side or the protestors' side. Like IKJ's decision to crash the MSSD gates and raze the grounds & shove the campers with bulldozers. Throwing a bottle at IKJ's wife, too. Spraypainting. Calling each other foul names and all other unprintable words. The list could go on and on. I've done a lot of offensive artwork in the past, and frankly, my recent cartoons seem mild compared to those I did in the past or what other people did during the protests. What's so offensive about simply saying "hi" to each other? You figure this one out, folks!