Thursday, December 28, 2006

Joe California

New Cartoon

Chris Leon's suggestion in his blog a while back gave me an idea for this cartoon. Instead of drawing him signing "big-headed" as Chris had originally envisioned, I've drawn him signing "Handwaves." This is to show how big-hearted we Californians really are. I'm a proud Californian. One of my ancestors, my late great-grandfather John McClintock, moved from the East to this state with his family at the beginning of the 20th Century and settled in Altadena, northeastern of Los Angeles. Back in his time Los Angeles was only a small city surrounded by mostly farmland. He planted orange trees in a land he bought there and, as a philanthropist, would later give many contributions to the city of Altadena. May the warmth of the sun we feel here in the West spread to the East and surround Kendall Green!

Stay tuned for my New Year's Eve message coming up soon tomorrow!


MikeSZZZ said...

Cool. Thanks.

Maureen said...

thanks for doing this - i loved it when you said that we are "big-hearted", not "big-headed". :)

Joey Baer said...

So you responded to Chris Leon with this beautiful picture. It showed that Chris has a problem with his creative imaginatation.

DE said...

Thank you, Dan! When this was forwarded to me (twice!), I was prepared for an insult after the barrage Leon heaped upon us. ME WRONG! And so glad! Thank you, Dan!!!!


Dan McClintock said...

Hi, you're all welcome!

I'd like to point out that while his intentions may be well meaning, Chris Leon clarified in his following comment on his blogsite that his "big-headed" statement was actually directed at the organizers of the gala, not the people of the Bay Area. Just so you know!

Have a prosperous New Year,


Anonymous said...

Your "Joe California" is perfect! Thanks for doing it! I'm here in the Bay Area and I love my community here and the state of CA as well! Again, thanks Dan! :-)