Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Political Cartoon of the Week

The Incredible Shrinking Man

The Measure of His Stature

G'morning, folks! This may or may not be the last IKJ cartoon. As I post this cartoon, please note I've been fair to IKJ when I spoke out against spraypainting over his name on the building and throwing a bottle at his wife (which I thought were both wrong and counterproductive). I even had respect for him before and after I met him the first time at a party, until the time when he ordered bulldozers to crash the MSSD gates and push away protestors. As you know, ever since I started my protest cartoons last May, I've always consistently opposed acts of violence, whether on the part of the Administration or certain protestors. This is how Reverend Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and Alice Cosgwell would have wanted it - no violence at all on their campus.

Blatant disregard for safety may be considered as an act of violence, and to me IKJ's decision on that fateful day apparently showed lack of regard for people's safety. I still, though, respect IKJ nonetheless as a private citizen and his family and their rights to privacy or a peaceful life. But as a politician and Gallaudet President, IKJ is fair game for political cartoons. So here's a new one - "The Measure of His Stature."

When Ridor mentioned IKJ's gift of the wooden ruler to his faculty and staff at his last holidays party, I was flabbergasted. I found this ironic, for just last week on December 5 I drew a man in the left picture in my "Changing of the Guards" cartoon holding a ruler! Was this prophetic? Or did IKJ see this and ordered customized wooden rulers on purpose to spite me? Maybe I underestimated the effects my cartoons have on the public?

In one of his previous blogs Sherlock Steve wrote about IKJ's unusual gift and described what he saw was symbolism behind the wooden ruler. I can empathize with him, for I went through similiar experiences in childhood. It's odd how I thought of that symbol when I first drew the "Changing of the Guards" cartoon. It may come from the collective super-conscious. I shall explain my perspective of the symbolism behind the ruler and the gavel later.

According to Ridor, the 19-inch ruler was in reference to IKJ's 19 years of service at Gallaudet. It's amazing how a few acts can diminish the years of reputation he built upon accomplishments he achieved for Gallaudet University. This is, I think, unfortunate. With a scandal over Gallaudet's accreditation in question and suspicions of his alleged participation in misappropriation of the $4 million DPS fund ) looming over his head, his reputation seems to be shrinking than ever. Why does he want to leave earlier on December 22? Is he in a hurry? What is he running from?

Speaking of who, where is IKJ? Oh, there he is! can't believe how fast he is shrinking! :D

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