Thursday, December 21, 2006

JKF's Perception of Gallaudet University

JKF's perception of Gallaudet University as a "deaf club"

Sorry...can't resist! When JKF made her famous "deaf club" comment, an idea immediately sprang to my mind! :D

(For those who missed the JKF interview, see this link


Anonymous said...

Theres many ears picking up the "not deaf enough" and "deaf club" cries from JKF.

It's going to go on and on and on like a fire alarm until Jane get's her pacifier back.

Richard Roehm

bibliomarket said...

this one's cool! nice job.

hey roehm - nice to see you FINALLY changed your mind about JKF after months and months of bad-mouthing the protesters! or did you NOT change your mind, you just changed your tune to try and cover up your constant braying like a donkey?

we aren't fooled by you.

-Lejon said...

Richard Roehm,

I second what bibliomarket has to say.

After reading all of your blogs and vlogs... I've always thought that you were one of those who needed a pacifier.

You've complained about a lot of things about the deafhood and you've always been in a full of denial. Well, YOU still need a pacifier, whether you've changed your mind or not.