Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It Takes Two Hands To Rebuild

I see talk about rebuilding the unity on Gallaudet University increasing in the blogsphere, so here is my thought: It takes two hands to rebuild. Whether it be COSC and FSSA, the protestors or the Fernandes supporters, whichever group is divided among the students on campus, it takes two hands to make this big effort...rebuilding. I'm not pressuring anyone...nor am I one to give out orders...but it would be nice to see COSC and FSSA at least acknowledge each other, reconcile, put asides their differences and make a concrete plan towards rebuilding the unity. This is just my suggestion. I know COSC and FSSA may have disagreements with each other, but they are the groups who started all this, so they must finish it. I know this may be a busy month, with final tests and holiday breaks. Yet an outline should be drawn up somewhere. January may be a good time for undertaking definite actions. If students want to do something soon to initiate the process, fine, that's good. What do you think, readers?


Ridor said...

Oh, gawd. I had been at Gallaudet during the protests. I can attest that there is no such organization named CoSC. It is just a loose term to define a group.



Dan McClintock said...

If that is true, then why was COSC recognized by the BoT? See this link, http://chrisleon.wordpress.com/2006/11/17/cosc-recognized-by-the-gallaudet-bot/