Sunday, October 22, 2006

Another IKJ Cartoon!

This story inspired my idea for this cartoon! - D.


(from MishkaZena)

Not In My Front Yard! Exclaimed Jordan

For now, the name of the grassy area slipped Is that the name for that grassy area between College Hall and The President’s personal residence. My brain is still fried from the exciting day yesterday. Earlier last week, a large tent was being constructed on this grassy field. Jordan was upset about it and ordered this large structure, still in the process of being completed, be bull-razed. The GUAA president, Andy Lange tried in vain to resolve this with Jordan. He spoke briefly on this tent fiasco at the rally at Capitol yesterday morning. Jordan was visibly upset and told him the tent cannot be built in front of his front yard. Not In His Front Yard? Immediately after his presentation, I asked Andy if true biz Jordan said that. I wanted to ensure that I saw (not heard) correctly what he said. He replied affirmatively, Jordan did use these words. When I went by the grassy field, there were no tent. The grassy area is now his front yard. I thought that belongs to the whole Gallaudet University.

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