Thursday, October 26, 2006

Letter from MSSD Seniors

This came from MSSD Seniors! Folks, ladies and gentlemen, let's give 'em BIG HANDWAVES! We're proud of you, MSSD Seniors! May the eagle soar high as your spirits!

Eagles are #1!

- D.


Letter from MSSD Seniors
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To the Members of the G.U. Board of Trustees,

This morning on October 25, 2006, the seniors of the Model Secondary School for the Deaf were on our way to our internship sites. Unfortunately, we witnessed an unexpected confrontation between the Campus police and Gallaudet students who were protesting at the Brentwood gate near the Model Secondary School for the Deaf. We, the seniors, have never witnessed anything like this since the beginning of the protest. Having seen this occurred, we felt traumatized by this experience. We realized how much hatred and violence were created by the Department of Public Safety who was ordered to destroy this protest which was supposed to be a peaceful one. We felt that the Department of Public Safety didn’t confront this situation peacefully. They were being very physical and ignored the students when they were trying to communicate with them. This protest is becoming more serious than we expected. So, for the seniors who witnessed this confrontation, we decided to wake up and show our support. We walked out of our school to show that we are physically there so the community of Gallaudet University would become very aware that we want to support this protest in every way possible. This protest has been going on since May 2006 and we believe it is time for all of you, the Board of Trustees, to get more involved with the Gallaudet community and hear us out. We won’t give up fighting for our rights. Our future is in your hands. Wake up.

The Seniors of MSSD

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