Wednesday, October 25, 2006


In light of what just happened at MSSD gates, I would like to invite all MSSD alumni to come to Yvonne's MSSD yahoo group for a discussion of the crisis and the DPS' treatment of students at MSSD gates. Be advised the moderator is very busy at this moment and it is not known when she may be available later, but we will keep you posted. For now just email to the address provided in the webpage, and we will see about setting a time for a live, online discussion. Any suggestion or idea? If you want, you may post your comments or letters here on my site to attention of other MSSD alumni. Thanks -

- D.



Stephen JK said...

Where is chatroom??

Stephen Kotchen

Dan McClintock said...

Hey, Stephen! Long time no see! :) For clarification, I didn't say chatroom. I said for now email to yahoo group, because the moderator is very busy. But I'll let you know if there'll be a live chatroom. Sorry for your confusion...