Monday, October 23, 2006

Editor's note 10/23/06: I removed link to petition by Stakeholders, due to a request by the same person who submitted the link, on behalf of the Stalkerholders. Declaration has just been disabled at request of the sponsoring organizations.

One cartoon will be forthcoming soon. I will be busy working today, but I will keep eyes on the deafread roll for the latest news and blogs as they come up every hour, and I will be sure to update you in time after my business hours.

Keep up your spirits, protestors!

- D.


Anonymous said...


so why was the petition removed?

W. David Samuelsen said...

The stakeholders petition merely asked that JKF be suspended while the PSC is investigated, even through the BOT is in slight majority in her favor.

and the 2nd one clause said no reprisals, but who should not be the targets of reprisals?

This was strongly pointed out to the stakeholders.

I made it clear we need the petition that is VERY specific, leaving no room to wiggle. You can read what I said in comments at Mishkazena's blog.