Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I just got this from my MSSD alumni list. Hands up for our MSSD alumni who were arrested on 10/13!



Someone sent me this list and this person wants to congratulate you MSSD Alumni who were arrested last Friday, October 13th for your bravery to fight for social justice at Gallaudet. The list of MSSD Alumni who were arrested last Friday:

>>>> 1. Berry, Heather
>>>> 2. Best, John
>>>> 3. Brimmer, Adam
>>>> 4. Clevenger, Travis
>>>> 5. Doudt, Calvin
>>>> 6. Egnatovitch, Kyron
>>>> 7. Harris, Raychelle
>>>> 8. Holcomb, Tara
>>>> 9. Johnson, Rochella
>>>> 10. Kelly, Joseph
>>>> 11. Kessel, Jonathan
>>>> 12. Kuehne, Jennifer
>>>> 13. MacLaughlin Holmes, Heidi
>>>> 14. Miller, Matthew
>>>> 15. Moore, Sean
>>>> 16. Plummer, LaToya
>>>> 17. Ruzicka, Jason
>>>> 18. Scarna, Stefano
>>>> 19. Saunders, Shandella
>>>> 20. Shephard, Ryan
>>>> 21. Valencia, Jessica
>>>> 22. Valencia, Jonathan

If you notice any MSSD Alumni who has been arrested on October 13,2006 (Black Friday) is overlooked or not on this list, please email to
Thank you for your support. By the way, I heard the Gallaudet football game is still on thisSaturday, October 21st and many Gallaudet and MSSD Alumni will be there. See you there!



The host and coordinator of MSSD reunion events Yvonne Mattiello has posted links by MSSD alumnni related to Gallaudet protests for your interest. Good job, Yvonne!

Keep up the Eagles spirit!


Anonymous said...

Please remove Tara Holcomb. She graduated from CSD Fremont, not MSSD, as did her sister, Leala, and her dad, Tom. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I am alumni of CSD Fremont. Tara and her dad, Tom are not alumni of CSD Fremont. U surprise?