Sunday, October 22, 2006

Prayer for the Hunger Strikers

(morning edition)

Good morning, Deaf America!

How are you all feeling, after the march at the Capitol? Are any of you of faith, who belongs to a Christian or non-Christian denomination? Some folks in the Midwest, South Dakota or Minnesota, got together and put out this proclamation. You may keep this rationale in mind as you continue your prayers at church or temple of your choice. I am not one affiliated with any particular faith or church or temple. I am a freethinker. But I am of personal view that all of us are spiritual beings, whether deaf, hard of hearing or hearing, whatever mode of communications we use or which language we speak in.

I am also of personal view that for what reasons science is not fully able to determine, prayers do prove effective in some of the most dire situations (most of it is likely associated with pyschology and power of mind over matter). Whatever your conviction is, now is good time to pray for the health of the hunger strikers. Now is also good time to ask your God or Divine Intelligence or Savior to "move the mountains," speaking of Jane K. Fernandes and I. King Jordan, and persuade their minds to seriously respect the wishes of the deaf community for sake of peace and harmony on campus and to leave for once and all.

Folks, it appears that debate is growingly becoming irrelevant at this point. What is needed is unity on our home, Gallaudet University. To me personally, regardless of which side they stand on, all MSSD, Gallaudet, and KDES students are like family, like brothers and sisters, because of the unique environment that we live in, that we call our home. In order for our home to stand undivided and not fall (to paraphrase President Lincoln), we must all pray together on this day.

In the meantime, today I will personally light a candle for you (the hunger strikers) at my church.

Here's the link to the rationale on Deaf Kitchen's blogsite:


Thursday, October 19, 2006

International Deaf Day of Prayer

* * * A DEAF PROCLAMATION * * *To the deaf community in America and to the world, we, the undersigned, have agreed to hold a INTERNATIONAL DEAF DAY OF PRAYER on Saturday, October 21, 2006. The five-fold rationale is as follows:

1. There is a current crisis at Gallaudet University regarding the transition of power in the presidency, with the upcoming outcome expected to result in profound implications for the college and deaf community in the years to come.

2. We acknowledge that You, God, the Creator of this world, have the ultimate power to raise up leaders and to demote leaders of this world.

3. We acknowledge that You have created a people whom we call the deaf (Exodus 4:11).

4. We confess our specific sins against You, against the deaf and hearing communities, against anyone because if we do humble ourselves before You, You truly hear us (2 Chron. 7:14, 1 Peter 5:6; 1 John 3:22)!

5. We love our deaf people and our Gallaudet community and ask You, beloved God, to intervene in the Gallaudet crisis in a way that will bring peace to everyone and honor to You (Matthew 7:7-11). May You, God, be praised and glorified in this.


1. Bob Westerhaus, Savage, MN
2. Mary Westerhaus, Savage, MN
3. Ken Thigpen, Hagerstown, MD
4. Abbey Roin-Thigpen, Hagerstown, MD
5. Pastor Chester Brock, Carmichael, CA
6. Jeff and Heloise Hinds, Tucson, AZ
7. Raul and Diane Brown, Monument, CO
8. Diana Batman, Tracy, CA
9. Dave Arent, Hayward, CA
10. Barbara Arent, Hayward, CA
11. Fr. Thomas Coughlin, Hayward, CA
12. Roger and Christine Kraft, Sioux Falls, SD

P.S. This was sent to me and several other people at the same time.
Therefore, the total number of signees is probably more than the above list.
Posted by Deaf Kitchen at 10:10 PM

- D.

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Anonymous said...

2005, Former Michigan School for the Deaf substitute teacher Ryan Commerson went on an eight-day hunger strike in a protest over how the school was educating children. Commerson also wanted current Principal Cecelia Winkler (She is hearing and her ASL skill) removed in favor of hiring a deaf principal.

He isn’t not arrested or removed from the university. It isn’t fair.